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Joyce was miserably stuffed the rest of the day. Helga set a slow gorging pace for her once her stomach was stuffed to capacity. Then she would hover around Joyce’s head like some demon whispering into her ear and occasionally forcing another hot dog into her exhausted face:

“We’re not done yet fatty...”

“I’ll stop if you can just lift your hand…just lift your hand and I’ll call a tow truck for you, and you can go home. No? Well, here’s another hot dog then.”

“We’re almost done. Oh wait, that’s a lie. We have another 150 to go before I have to make another batch.”

“Open up sweetie, here comes another.”

“You know what they call this?” Helga asked as she stroked and lifted Joyce’s damp and wet hair. “‘The Meat Sweats.’ You get it when you’re eating a lot of meat at one sitting. It took you a lot longer than most to get it though. 168, c’mon champ, keep going.”

Joyce felt like she was in a fever-induced nightmare. She had them before since Helga took over and began her relentless eating program. She lost track of time, was barely conscious as she mechanically ate each dog that was pressed to her lips. She soon stopped hearing Helga altogether, and finally fell into a blissful slumber, her stomach nearly at an explosive level of expansion, and two full hot dogs still packed in her mouth.

The next morning she was wakened with jets of warm water on her sweaty and sticky skin as Helga began the arduous task of washing her. This was one of the few comfortable moments Joyce was allowed to have, as Helga was sure to be thorough, but it was also rather luxurious. Helga lowered the cables until Joyce was lying on the padding underneath her, looking and feeling like a whale washed up on the beach.

Helga was keeping her comments to herself, though, as she used soft brushes and hoses and a clean-smelling liquid soap to clean her of yesterday’s activities, using her cyborg strength as well as the pulley system to roll Joyce’s blob-like body over. Helga also took extra time to massage Joyce’s arms, and put the vibrating massager on them to soothe the remaining kinks.

After more than an hour of this, Joyce was rolled onto her back again and hoisted up into her normal position. Helga packed the feeding pump efficiently and attached the lines to her belt again so she could be eye level with Joyce.

“We’re going to give your jaws a bit of a break this morning. This afternoon it’s back to training. OK, open up, breakfast is served,” said Helga as she brought the end of the tube to Joyce’s lips. Joyce knew better than to resist, and instead opened her mouth and relaxed her throat so the self-guiding tube could worm its way down into her stomach. Soon her rumbling stomach was blasted back into near complete fullness and she was allowed to rest again and watch normal TV instead of her own corpulent mass. Helga went about cleaning and straightening the place, packing another meal for a bit later into the feeder.

A bit later came entirely too soon for Joyce as Helga packed the tube down her throat again and filled her up. She removed the tube and sprayed Joyce’s jowls with the tingling spray. “Next meal, lots of hot dogs. Be ready,” was all she said as she went to the kitchenette and began preparing the dogs.

Joyce sighed heavily, marveling as she occasionally did at how freely she could breathe despite the near half ton she had gained in such a short time. She dozed off to the sound of hot dog packages tearing open and the dogs being dropping into water. Helga let her rest quite awhile and more, she wanted her to be extra hungry. It wasn’t until early evening that the next phase would begin.

Joyce woke to find herself facing a different part of the room. She hadn’t moved, was just turned, but for the first time in a long time she felt alone. The TV was off and she didn’t see or hear Helga at all, and the kitchenette was behind her (she assumed). Worst of all, she had a feeling she was rarely allowed to feel; she was hungry. Her stomach was empty and rumbling, her hands idly roaming the surface of her belly with their limited mobility.

She tried in vain to turn her head. Ineffectual and embarrassing grunts came from her mouth as she tried to do the simple task of merely looking over her shoulder, but it was no use. For all she knew she was alone, and as before an opportunity might be here to escape, there was no chance of that. Before she was barely able to walk. Now, if someone put a phone just out of reach, she’d be helpless to call for help. She struggled and grunted, only managing to shake and shift and quiver her blubber.

“Helga!” she called out in despair and fear. “Helga are you there?! Helga! Please answer me!” Moments of silence were broken by the staccato sound of Helga’s dagger-like stiletto heels walking around the suspended mass of Joyce’s body. Joyce could tell she was in front of her now, but could not see past her belly. There was another pause as Helga must have taken a few steps back so that Joyce could just barely see Helga’s sneering face peeking over the top of her belly.

“Dependence,” was all Helga said. Long seconds passed before she spoke again. “That’s the phase you’re in now, Joyce. Prisoners and hostages go through a number of phases during their captivity. Resistance and denial are two of them. My favorite phase is this one - dependence. Do you know what it means?” Joyce snuffled and shook her jowled face as a tear ran down her cheek.

“It means that you’re more afraid of my absence than my presence. When I’m here, you know I’ll take care of you, feed you, wash you, tend to you. Sure, I’ll boss you around and belittle you. I’ll take liberties now and then. I’ll make you fatter than you or even Carlos dreamed possible, all of which I’m sure you’re afraid of. But, I’ll be here. When I’m not here though…you don’t even want to think about it…especially when you’re hungry, this was a little test. All I did was turn you around and stand behind you and you had a panic attack when you woke up. Interesting isn’t it? You don’t believe me?”

Joyce said nothing; she didn’t want to believe it. Helga shrugged her shoulders. “Fair enough. Well, I’d like a night on the town; I think I’ve earned it. I left some food for you on the counter, help yourself.” Helga began walking away.

Joyce was shocked. She couldn’t just leave! She was hungry, no - she was starving, even after those two huge pumpings she'd had earlier! Helga’s footsteps were getting further away, but she was out of sight shortly after she started walking in the first place. Joyce had to decide quickly. Go a night without eating? She didn’t think she’d ever have one again, and now that she was faced with the possibility she couldn’t accept it.

“No! No, no wait!” Joyce shrieked. She doubled her efforts to turn her head, actually causing the cables to shake and set the whole suspension apparatus aquiver. The footsteps stopped. Tense seconds went by before they started again, coming around to the front of her again. A few more seconds passed and Helga was within sight of Joyce. Helga actually had on a trench coat and car keys in her hand.

“Yes?” was all Helga said as she made of show of sorting through the keys until she found a car key.

“I…I mean…could I have something to eat before you go?” Joyce finally mumbled.

“That’s not what I want to hear, Joyce,” Helga said as she tapped her foot impatiently.

“Um…I’m really hungry…” Joyce stopped as she saw Helga shrug her shoulders and look like she was about to start walking again. “Wait! Wait…I…need…you..?” she finally stammered as more tears ran down her face. Helga stopped and turned, that evil smile returning. Helga made a slight "come on" gesture with her finger.

“I…need you…Nurse Helga!” Joyce finally blurted out. Helga nodded at that and took off the coat. Reaching to a dangling control box, she pressed a button and Joyce started to slowly rotate as the suspension bed turned around.

Joyce was awe struck. The kitchenette and every square inch of surface except for the floor was piled with hot dogs. Yesterday she was told she ate more than 200 hot dogs when both feedings were added together. What she saw here looked to be more than a few times that, she couldn’t even guess at how many there were. She was shocked out of her reverie by Helga’s voice in her ear. She was once again suspended on cables and was dangling right next to her, practically cheek to jowl.

“Here’s the deal, fatty. We’re not stopping until all of that is down the hatch. I don’t care how long it takes; you’re finishing it in one sitting. So help me, you’re eating it all. You understand? I gave you plenty of extra rest; let you get plenty of extra room. This is where you thank me.

"I’ve calculated a pace that we’re going to keep. Every 4 hours, you get a half-hour break. That’s it. The way I’ve got it figured, this is a solid 24 hours of eating. I’ll be helping you the entire time, that’s the important part; with your programming you’ll gobble it all too fast. Every minute you need to be eating something. If you stop or slow for more than a minute, you lose. Consider this training. We’re going to get started now, so get ready.” Helga said as she descended to floor level and maneuvered the already full tray into position and began raising it up to a proper level for Joyce to reach. Joyce swallowed hard at the revelation; this crazy hot dog marathon certainly wasn’t what she expected.

The hot dogs were out of reach, even though they were on the tray, and her arms didn’t automatically reach up to grab them and begin shoveling them in. Helga nodded at the revelation, it confirmed what she suspected. Helga then rose into position herself, perched a bit off to the side in between Joyce and the tray, but not in her way at all. She stuck a small white sticker to Joyce’s cheek.

“When you stop chewing or swallowing for more than 10 seconds we’ll hear a beeping. When it reaches 40 seconds of no chewing it will count down the last 20 seconds. We’re both going to have to pay attention to this, Joyce. I’ll take responsibility in this too, because I want you to succeed. OK, we’re going to start in just a few seconds, get ready…” Helga’s hands reached for a plate on the tray which had 5 dogs. “Set…” Joyce’s hands began rising as her mouth was watering to the point of almost slobbering. “Go!”

Almost at the same time, Joyce’s stomach made a loud rumble as Helga brought the food into reach. Joyce’s hands flew to the food and began their mechanical routine.

“Go!” Helga shouted again as she grabbed the next small plate of hot dogs as Joyce finished the first five in what seemed to be a few bites. “Open!” she commanded to Joyce and she sprayed a jet of cool water from a hose into her mouth to help wash the food down.

Yesterday’s observations had paid off. She had picked up on Joyce’s method of eating. Even though she likely couldn’t change it much, she could work with it. Joyce swallowed the water and a half of a hotdog before starting again.

“More! Faster!” commanded Helga as she pulled the next serving of dogs up. She was already beating yesterday’s time. She was hungry, well rested, and thoroughly motivated. Helga had to watch the pace though. There was no way they could keep this speed going for 24 hours. If they were lucky, maybe two hours, then the rest of it was a careful methodical gorging.

The first full tray of fifty hot dogs was easily consumed. Helga already had the next tray lined up, and not so much as a beep was heard from the sticker on her cheek as she began the second tray of 50 hot dogs in less than 20 minutes of eating.

Helga was now going a bit slower with each smaller plate of food. Even though Joyce had much more room, she would eat till she was almost ready to burst if there was food to be had, like the wife’s tale of a horse being allowed to drink its fill. She would wait until Joyce was definitely finished with all of the dogs and they were down the hatch before bringing up the next serving of five.

By the second tray’s finish, Helga had to take a greater hand in pacing Joyce. She was going strong, but she was going to get full too soon. With what was now the 100+ serving of hot dogs, Helga was only allowing her to eat them two at a time instead of bringing forward a plate of five. Helga was concentrating on the task, while Joyce had floated off onto an eating auto-pilot. She was aware that she was eating, that more and more dogs kept getting put in front of her, but for the most part her mind was lost in its own thoughts, blissfully unaware that she had just eaten 120 hot dogs.

Joyce seemed without care, her systems fixated on their goal. It was Helga that was actually worried. It was Helga’s eyes that may have been bigger than Joyce’s stomach. She needed to recalculate or they’d fail, and this was a contest she had devised! Her own calculations were interrupted for the first time by the beeping of the sticker followed by the urgent grunting of Joyce. She had stopped chewing and swallowing, but it was Helga that was delaying the process, she had lost track and not put the next pair of hot dogs in front of Joyce.

For the first time Helga began to wonder if they were going to make it or not, and also, who was truly dependent on whom.

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