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Chapter 5

After six weeks the change in Heidi was quite noticeable. She was clearly thinner, and had even switched back to her old, largest sized, velour warm-up suits.

“That tummy is shrinking!” Paula said, as we both read in bed one night.
“Yes, it’s probably better for her in the long run. I hear they are pretty obsessed with being overweight in America. Don’t want her parents after me for making her so pleasantly plump!”

I laughed. “Besides, we’re also saving money. That’s the big thing.”

As well as Heidi’s forced diet was going, it was taking its toll on her demeanor. You could see it in her appearance as well as in her moods. She never put make up on anymore, nor took the time to do her hair. There were dark circles under her eyes these days and she looked like she wasn’t getting enough sleep. Paula had even heard her talking to her mom on the phone about how miserable she was down here.

To make matter worse, her best friend Marisol had gone away to take a job in Asuncion for a few months. She was feeling so positive about herself, she felt the pulling desire to go and experience more of life, now that she was thin and beautiful.

About two months into the diet, just when her dip into depression was making me rethink my strategy, I got a surprise. She came into my office waving an opened letter. She definitely looked thinner now. Her velour suit actually fit almost loosely and even fully covered her tummy. “Heck, she even has a little room to spare in it, now!” I thought.

“Diet’s over. And I want to go shopping!” she proclaimed, smiling and holding up a piece of paper for me to read.

I soon realized this piece of paper was a check made out to me. And it was for 10,000 American dollars!

Heidi smiled a broad smile I hadn’t seen for weeks.

“Shopping?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said, “I want to buy some livestock…isn’t that what you call it…some cattle…some chickens…some pigs?”

Apparently Heidi had written to her grandmother who had a long history of spoiling her as a girl. I guessed she had told a sob story of how undernourished she was down in this third-world country and all she needed was a few thousand dollars to stock up on food and have enough to eat for the rest of the year. It must have worked like a charm.

“Okay, Heidi,” I said. “Julio is going to have to go to the livestock auction this Wednesday and buy some more beef cattle, chickens and hogs. You see, we can’t raise enough here right away to fill your order, although I’ll put some of this money aside to buy some of ours when they are ready for slaughter.”

“Cool!” said Heidi, happily.

You see, $10,000 goes a long way in Paraguay. It meant she could get 10 head of cattle, a flock of chickens, and 10-15 hogs…her own little farm. Even then there was a few thousand left. I informed Heidi that we would need to give most of it to Margarita to stock up on any other raw kitchen materials she needed for baking, ordering various candies and prepackaged stuff and so on.

Paula and I had a conversation about it and we decided with all the extra money coming in, it would be fine to let Heidi go back to her old extravagant diet. Besides the money issue, we really didn’t want her to be so unhappy since this could mean she would eventually leave us. She had become such an essential part of the kids’ lives and well being, we didn’t want to risk it. In addition, we even decided to offer her a small salary, so she would now be essentially a nanny to the kids.

The first step was to let Margarita know there had been a change in plans.

“So, Margarita,” I explained, "we are going to change Heidi’s meal arrangement and take off the restrictions we had implemented. We want to keep her happy and well fed, so from now on get her whatever she wants to eat. Please make sure she gets what she wants, even if it’s late at night.”

“But, Raul……” Margarita started.

“Ha ha. Yes, I know, it will be very difficult and expensive. But you will be compensated for your extra time and effort, don’t worry. Also, the food supply shouldn’t be a problem. We will be getting in several head of cattle, poultry and pork livestock. This will be solely to make sure Heidi gets enough food. I’ll let Julio know to butcher and process the cattle regularly enough so you don’t run out. Does this sound okay?”

“Yes sir!” said Margarita, smiling. “Don’t worry, I know all her favorites!”

“Okay. Go to work, and remember, I never want to see Heidi even the slightest bit hungry!”

Margarita nodded enthusiastically.

Next I was faced with the job of creating the space for the new livestock. I had Julio and Roberto clear some brush and build another set of pens. After about a week it was completed and the new cattle, hogs, and chickens were populating the new mini-farm. I watched as Heidi surveyed the cattle as they happily fed from corn piled high in the troughs.

“Eat well, my little dears!” said Heidi, petting one of the cattle. “Oh, so cute!”

“Think they know what’s in store for them?” I asked, smiling at Heidi.

“Ha ha! Guess not. They seem nice and gentle to me. If only they knew they’d be on my plate soon!” she said, bending over with laughter.

She paused for a moment.

“How soon, how soon?” she asked impatiently. I presumed she was wanting to know when we could start slaughtering them.

“Well, Julio said this one here is about the right weight, maybe a week more or so.”

Just then Heidi shooed the other cattle away and started pouring more corn from a bucket in front of the ill-fated cow.

“Eat! Eat! Eat!” she said, laughing.

About a week and half later the meat from her cow was prepared and delivered to Margarita. Heidi was delighted when Margarita showed her how much meat a single head of cattle yielded. Margarita knew some would have to be frozen and did so, but not before setting aside enough for a week of Heidi’s meals.

That night, Margarita made a casserole dish, potatoes and vegetables for us that were quite good. Heidi, on the other hand, was enjoying her personal meat harvest. She had requested cheeseburgers and Margarita’s famous beef brisket. You should have seen the plates of food in front of her. I noticed as Paula watched Heidi sensuously devour the greasy meat, all the while looking to be in heaven.

The next day, wonderfully enough for Heidi, was steak and eggs day. Since Heidi now had chickens raised for both meat and eggs, she could eat fried eggs to her heart's content. This was in addition to the endless supply of steak that Margarita continued to bring from the kitchen.

After almost an hour and a half of eating, Heidi was ready for more.

“Got any dessert?”

“Well,” said Margarita, taken aback. “I have been using my American cookbooks lately and I have a cherry pie that I made this morning.”

“Perfect!” said Heidi, excited. “Bring me some ice cream and we have a deal!”

Heidi got a huge plate and to Margarita’s surprise put half of the pie on her plate and scooped out 4 or 5 scoops of ice cream as well.

A week later, things are pretty much getting back to normal at our house. Heidi was getting over her brush with dieting and the kids were now back in school. With Ricardo in school all day and not around to play with, Heidi instead seemed to spend her time during the day with Margarita eating to her heart’s content.

“Okay, here we go.” said Margarita. “This is recipe number 654, I think it might be kind of rich, but you will let me know what you think.”

Margarita was still working on perfecting her thousand recipes. Since her few months' of deprivation, Heidi was more eager than ever to act as food critic. Margarita had sometimes gossiped privately about Heidi’s gluttonous behavior, but with Heidi’s almost always positive feedback and passionate love of eating, she had found cooking for her very rewarding. She could experiment at will and never worry of anything going to waste as Heidi wasn't one for leaving leftovers.

Margarita usually made the portions as she would for the entire family in order to get it down perfectly, so there was always quite a bit food, or in other words, more than just a sample.

Heidi didn’t always see it this way.

“Oohh! Chicken. This looks good.” Heidi beamed as she started in on a feast one afternoon.

Margarita served Heidi a generous portion, but before she knew it, she was piling more food on Heidi’s plate. Soon all that was left was a chicken carcass, and few empty serving dishes.

“I’ll give it an A,” said Heidi, grinning with pleasure, wiping her mouth daintily with a napkin.

“See you at dinner!” said Heidi as she struggled off her stool and waddled out of the room.

She then went to the living room and crashed on the couch for about an hour.

After only about a month, it was clear Heidi’s weight was on the rise again. The velour suit she had again started wearing was no longer able to conceal her fat tummy. It was no wonder. She has really taken a liking to the new supply of beef. It was not uncommon to see her munching on a burger or even a rib-eye steak in the middle of the afternoon as she watched TV. Margarita just waited till her plate was empty and then was quick to plop a nice, new, juicy piece of meat on her plate.

Two more months passed……

“How are you, Heidi?” I asked when she came to visit me as I worked in my home office one evening. I keep a home office out of the way; it’s just off the entrance to the outdoor pool.

“Have a seat,” I said.

She stood in the doorway, seemingly hesitant. Soon I realized that the small armchair in front of my desk would be a little tight for her widening body.

“Oh, here's a stool, Heidi,” I said, offering her a stool I kept behind the desk. I noticed the tremendous jiggle around her waist as she sat down. I suddenly realized she had probably gained all the weight she had lost. In fact, she now looked fatter than ever.

Regardless of getting so fat, she was looking particularly gorgeous today, better than ever. The dark circles under her eyes and her paleness that were present during her diet were totally gone. The color was back in her cheeks and she now was back to doing her make up as well. She was quite stunning.

“I have been meaning to talk to you about something, Raul. You have always been nice to me,” she began.

“Of course, Heidi. I have you to thank for the health of my family,” I answered.

“Well, as you have noticed, I love to eat and have put on a bit of weight,” she said, putting both of her dainty hands on her huge belly. “I was wondering if I could make this my bedroom. I could use the bathroom down here, and even a small shower. You see, I don’t like going up and down the stairs, it makes me out of breath and I don’t think it’s healthy.

“Besides,” she continued, smiling, “It would be cool because it’s right next to the kitchen. I need my afternoon naps and it’s too far to go all the way upstairs,” she finished.

I have to admit I wasn’t happy about having to give up my office. It was set up as I liked it and I didn’t want to move it. But Heidi is very persuasive when she looks at you with those beautiful eyes.

“She looks beautiful!”
I thought to myself.

“Also, Raul,” she continued, "I know we haven’t talked about the length of my stay in a while, but I would like to stay another year if that’s ok. I am having the time of my life!"

I laughed and was flattered that she was having such a good time and replied she should not worry about staying longer. I added that I would start moving my office the next day. I would have her stuff moved in and I would get my things moved to her old bedroom upstairs. She thanked me repeatedly and turned to leave.

“Oh, Raul?” Heidi added, coming back in the room. “I am going to tell Julio we need to butcher another cow, okay?” she said, cutely pulling her bottom lip with her finger. “Margarita said we are running low of beef, and I don’t want us running out!”

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement with her request.

The next day the servants were busy shuffling the furniture from the office to Heidi’s old bedroom and vice versa. Heidi came out of the kitchen with her usual box of doughnuts in her hand and surveyed the progress. I watched as she ate and as she moved I caught a glimpse of her big belly jiggling underneath her loose, white sundress. She had cast off the old velour warm-up suits long ago and was now back to the white sundresses. Naturally, she didn’t exert a muscle and soon settled into an easy chair as soon as they had moved in to her new room.

The next morning Heidi came out to breakfast later than usual. She had obviously just rolled out of bed and had only to walk the few steps from her new bedroom to the table, where we were already starting our meal. Heidi seemed groggy, but she quickly perked up after a cup of coffee and a couple of fried eggs. She then requested some pancakes and proceeded to cover them in butter.

After about half an hour the rest of the family had moved on with their day, but Heidi stayed and ate. At about 12:00 pm, Margarita announced that it was lunchtime and that Heidi should just stay put and start in on lunch.

“Mmm.” Smack. Smack. Heidi kept eating, this time finishing some French toast. “Lunch, already? Okay, I have the appetite!”

The kids, Marisol, Paula and the day workers we had hired to help with the farm chores started to arrive awaiting their midday meal.

“Steak and Eggs!” said Margarita, "It’s Wednesday."

Heidi beamed, for it was her old favorite.

“Bring me three steaks, okay?” said Heidi hungrily.

“My, Heidi, quite an appetite today!” said Paula, smiling, amazed at her consumption.

“Oh, Mmmmm….yum yum yum!” said Heidi, "I can smell the steak cooking! Yes! I totally slept so well in my new room and I am in the best mood today!”

“Heidi, we are running low, you won’t have any more steak for tomorrow if you keep eating so much,” Margarita said, trying to warn her of her over-indulgence.

“Oh, don’t worry, Marg, Julio is getting another one of my cows ready. It should be back from the packing house tomorrow afternoon.”

Margarita smiled, shrugged, and soon brought out a huge platter of food. It held plenty of food to feed the whole group, but to their great surprise, it was set in front of Heidi.

“Here you go, sweetie!” said Margarita. “Bet you can’t eat all that!”

“I’m in heaven!” said Heidi, shaking her hands with joy.

The rest of the hungry workers, who had been working all morning, looked on hungrily as Heidi began to gorge herself obliviously, not bothering to wait a second for the others’ food to arrive.

The platter contained about three or four steaks with Margarita’s rich cream sauce, ten fried eggs, and a big mound of hash brown potatoes.

“Hmmm, I love my little cows…..but better in my tummy!” she said taking a greedy bite. “They’re cute, but…..Mmmmmmmm, so tasty.”

She rolled her eyes and cut another piece of steak, twice as big as the first.

“Butter please!” Heidi managed to cry out even as her mouth was stuffed full with food. She then immediately cut herself another huge piece of steak.

Margarita quickly brought out a fresh serving of butter. Heidi must have felt the hash browns were a little flavorless because she ended up melting almost all the butter over them.

”Perfect!” she said, sampling her creation.

The rest of the group watched as the greedy Heidi gorged herself on the rich diet placed in front of her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for the delay!” said Margarita, returning after about another ten minutes with the rest of the group's food. They each ate a moderate amount and most were done and ready to get back to their days within about half an hour.

“Delicious!” said the overfed Heidi, starting in on her last steak. “Dessert please!” She said wiping her indulgent mouth and lips with a napkin a few minutes later. She added the last empty plate to the amazingly tall stack in front of her.

After dessert, to her delight, she was now only steps away from her bed. Soon she was sound asleep. Her nap that afternoon lasted four hours.
About 4:00PM or so, Ricardo and the other kids were getting home from school. On this day, they wasted no time and woke her by pulling on her arm. Ricardo tugged, trying to get her up.

"Come outside, Heidi." Angela said. "We are playing volleyball, and we need one more teammate!”

“Okay, okay,” said Heidi, stretching her arms and rolling on her side.

Everyone could see her big spare tire beneath her dress shift and spread out as it found its place.

“It would be nice to get outside. I’ll warn you, I used to be a pretty good player in high school, " she continued as she sat up, belly covering her lap.
They all headed for the door as Heidi slowly padded her way behind them. The children loved the chance to do something outdoors, since Heidi, with for her passion for food, had been a bit of shut-in.

“I got it!” Heidi yelled as she tried to run to the ball. The group had divided up and was now deep into the game. “Whew!” she said, as she watched the ball drop many feet in front of her. The children noticed how the formerly fit Heidi could barely even break into a run for a few steps. She was obviously having trouble as her layers of fat jiggled and shifted when she tried to go after the ball.

Angela, seeing her now very limited range, suggested Heidi move to the front row where she could be more stationary.

The game continued. Ricardo laughed to himself when Heidi tried to jump for the ball. Each time he could see her tummy shake as she hit the ground. She seemed to be constantly out of breath.

“That’s it,” Heidi said. “I’m tired, I need to rest.”

Heidi took a seat at the nearby picnic table, still sweating from her rare moment of physical exercise.

“You guys cheat!” Heidi said, pouting a bit.

“Mr. Raul?” said a voice from outside my office, now upstairs. Another two months had swiftly passed and Julio was checking in.

“Shall I slaughter another beef cow? And two hogs?” he said. “Margarita says we are running low already and need more from Heidi’s livestock.”

Apparently Heidi was devouring meat from her private farm at an accelerating rate. Julio liked to check in with me before he slaughtered any animals, as it was unusual for us to go through so much meat.

“Yes, thank you, Julio. Go ahead and send two beef cattle this time, we’ll keep ahead of things.”

A few days later, I was out to check on Julio and found Heidi out surveying her cattle. Her herd was down by four already after only a matter of months. She had continued her excessive eating and now her breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as her snacks contained huge portions of beef. I don’t think she realized how quickly she was thinning her herd. She was turning into quite a meat connoisseur.

“More corn for this one, Julio!” Heidi said, gesturing to a cow that was not eating as much as the others. “And make sure we have a cow to slaughter the week after next!”

I observed Heidi as she spoke to Julio. Her white dress had always been pretty loose, but it was now starting to get snug around her tummy.

“Oh man,” I said to myself. “She’s huge. She must have gained another 30-40 pounds since Paula and I told Margarita to let her eat whatever she wants.”

As she slowly strolled around the edge of the pen, I saw her belly protruding in profile, pushing out against her sundress. The jiggling was now more than I had ever seen. My mind flashed back to the image of the skinny girl who got off the plane and joined us few years ago. I couldn’t believe how amazingly fat she had become.

After another month, Heidi got some pleasant news. Her friend Marisol was coming back for a visit and staying for a few days. The news was she would be coming that Friday and staying through the weekend.
When Friday came, Heidi went through her normal day. She got up to a big breakfast consisting of plenty of bacon and eggs and followed it up with a platter of tasty pastries.

About 3 in the afternoon, Heidi was had just awakened from her usual nap and was hanging around the kitchen, trying to find out the menu for dinner. She was also hunting for a snack and chiding Margarita about what she should eat.

“Well dear, how about some French fries?”

“Okay,” said Heidi, nodding.

Soon the deep fryer was hot and a few minutes later Heidi was munching greasy fries.

After devouring them, Heidi frowned.

“Oh, I’m still hungry,” she whined.

She reminded Margarita of a 6 year old as she pouted, sticking her bottom lip out. Finally Margarita suggested she cook up some beef satay she was marinating in the refrigerator and saving for dinner. Heidi seemed to like this idea. As happy as Margarita was that she had found something that Heidi liked, she was perplexed as to how to cook it quickly enough to satisfy Heidi’s extremely low patience. That was when she had the idea of deep frying the satay. After only a few minutes, Margarita piled the well-fried meat onto a platter for Heidi’s snack.

Meanwhile, Paula and I sat in the living room watching TV. We were chuckling to ourselves as to how Margarita was going to be driven nuts fulfilling Heidi’s desire for food. Just then the doorbell rang. To our great surprise and pleasure, in strode Marisol!

She looked great. She was in even better shape than ever and wore nice, tight jeans and a tank top. It looked like there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her anymore. As we chatted we were greeted with a voice from the kitchen.

“Is that Marisol?” we heard Heidi call.

In a couple of seconds, Heidi emerged from the kitchen. She looked exceptionally fat. She was obviously excited to see her friend and was trying to walk as energetically as possible, but she was now so fat, her belly and fat thighs weighed her down. As she emerged, she was already breathing heavily and her huge tummy looked to be jiggling and swaying from its own now quite substantial mass. Her new curves were still somewhat hidden, however, by a new, larger white sundress she had just been given. The old ones were growing quite tight around her ample belly.

As she continued to stride toward us, we noticed even in her excitement she had remembered to bring her plate, which was mounded with beef satay. She was obviously just swallowing a bite as she entered and daintily licked the juice from her fingers.

“Wow!” said Marisol, admiring her ridiculously over-fed friend.

“Hey! So glad to see you!” Heidi said.

As the two embraced, Heidi obliviously bumped her a bit with her new belly and it was clear Marisol was having trouble getting her arms around Heidi’s fat body. As she attempted to hug her, it was clear she was almost buoyed away by Heidi’s protruding stomach.

Soon the two were chatting on the couch and catching each other up on their lives. I saw Marisol gazing quizzically at how big Heidi had gotten. As she sat, her belly spilled out over her lap. She tugged at her sundress, trying to keep its ample fabric loosely draped over her growing fat rolls. I don’t know if she was attempting to hide her big body or just didn’t like to feel any constriction from her clothing. As they sat and chatted, Heidi greedily continued to munch on her plate of beef. Just then Ricardo crept up on the couch.

“Hey!” he said obviously bored by their conversation and trying to get a bit of attention. “Let me try your snack!” he said, reaching for a small piece of Heidi’s beef satay.

To our surprise, Heidi greedily snatched it before he could grab it and popped it into her own mouth.

“Hey little guy!” Heidi said smiling and munching greasy meat. “This is Aunt Heidi’s food, you know how I told you we have special cows that are only for me? Now, hands off,” she said firmly.

“Margarita!!” Heidi, yelled toward the kitchen, barely moving a muscle.
“Can you get Ricardo some celery and carrot sticks, he’s hungry! Don’t worry, your snack is coming. Gotta keep you lazy guys on a diet!”

Heidi smiled and patted Ricardo on the cheek.

Ricardo moped back over to the other couch.

Before long, she was finishing the last of it and placed the empty plate on the coffee table.

“Hey Marisol! Want to see my farm?”

“Okay. Farm?” said Marisol, curiously.

“Cool, let me get some more satay!”

In a few moments, Heidi returned from the kitchen with a replenished plate of tasty beef.

“Let’s go!” she said.

As they headed outside, my wife noticed that Heidi asked for help going down the steps that led from our porch. Between the fact that her protruding paunch hid her view of her feet and the steps below, and that she still carried her plate of beef was enough for her to need assistance.

“Here, help me out,” Heidi said, extending her hand and flipping her fingers back and forth in an attempt to get Marisol’s aid. As they descended the four or five stairs, Marisol noticed how flabby and soft Heidi’s tummy was as it bounced up and down with each step.

Soon the two girls were standing outside the cattle pen. Heidi instructed Marisol to throw some corn in one of the feeding troughs.

“Got to fatten my herd up and get ‘em ready for steaks!” said Heidi, giggling. She still held her plate full of greasy beef satay. Marisol busily ran back and forth filling each of the troughs. Meanwhile, Heidi began eating again, feeding herself chunk after chunk of beef.

“Mmm. Good,” she mumbled.

“So your grandma paid for all this?” Marisol asked.

“Yeah, but we are going through these cattle too fast, we already slaughtered four! I want to hurry things along.”

“Turning into quite the meat lover, I see!” joked Marisol, as she watched Heidi make fast work of the beef satay.

“Yeah! My dear, it’s so awesome, I’m totally addicted. But I just gotta keep on Margarita to keep roastin’ and cookin’ it up for me. I usually like burgers and maybe some brisket for lunch, then steaks for dinner. And..” she said excitedly, “I finally talked her into frying me up steak and eggs for my breakfast everyday!”

Heidi paused bashfully. “You know how its my favorite. After all, it’s all from my chickens and cows. I can have whatever I want. I was getting sick of pancakes and stuff.”

The two girls had had a blast hanging out for a weekend and were both sad they had to separate once again. Before they knew it, was already Sunday evening and time for Marisol to head back to the city.

“I’ll miss you!” said Heidi, giving her friend a big hug.

“Me too! But I’ll be back in a few months! Don’t worry!” said Marisol.

“You promise?” said Heidi, smiling.

Marisol nodded.

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