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Chapter 6

Five months later…..

Marisol slowly drove up to the house, parked and started making her way up to the house. She was excited to see her old friend Heidi again after almost half a year. She had gotten a new job in Acunsion, and it had been an extremely busy, although lucrative, few months.

She walked toward the house and took in all she could. It was good to be back in the country again after months of city living. She was about ready to head up to the door, when she glanced over toward the barn. Heidi’s cattle pen was clearly visible, but Marisol remarked to herself that it was strange she didn’t see any cattle. As she went to take a closer look, the thought flashed through her mind that perhaps Heidi had gone back to the U.S. and sold off her cattle. After all, she hadn’t called Heidi for a month or so, as she wanted this visit to be a surprise.

As she got closer, a single, plump cow came into view from behind one of the buildings. Her eyes looked down to see a trough filled to the brim with feed corn. Then, she heard a sniffing sound as a lonely hog came trotting out to the fence to inspect the visitor it had become aware of. It was quite a different scene than the one she had left. The pen had previously been quite a busy place, full of activity and the grunting and shuffling of livestock.

“Heidi, Heidi,”
Marisol said to herself, shaking her head and smiling. “I see she must be getting to be quite the meat-lover. Wow, she has almost wiped out her entire herd of cattle! Hope she hasn’t gotten too much fatter, her weight was getting a bit out of control when I left.”

I answered the door after hearing the knock and was delighted to see young Marisol standing there. She looked great and had certainly kept herself in great shape since we had seen her last.

“Come in!” I said.

“How are you? Where’s Heidi?” Marisol asked. “I want to surprise her!”

“Oh, okay,” I said. “She’s in the kitchen having lunch. Go surprise her!”

Marisol walked into the kitchen and saw that Margarita was back behind a counter that she used as a buffet when prepping larger meals. Apparently they were working on preparing lunch.

“Oh, Marisol! Good to see you!” said Margarita, still working as she talked. She stepped away from her work and the two of them hugged.

“What’s all this? Having company?” asked Marisol, looking down a counter full of food.

“Just lunch for Miss Heidi,” said Margarita, nonchalantly.

It took a moment for Marisol to take in all that she saw. There was a platter of beef brisket, a plate of hamburgers, and a big tray of beef satay. Next to her near the stove was an extra-large deep fryer that was apparently new. The oil looked to be smoking hot.

“Whew!” said Margarita, returning from the refrigerator huffing and puffing. She plopped down a stack of three or four raw steaks.

“Now, just need to bread these, and…” she said to herself.

“Working hard as ever!” Marisol said, smiling.

“Ah, I do enjoy making these!” said Margarita. “We go through so much beef these days, I have all this extra beef fat, so I have started cooking a lot with it. These days, I fry everything, if I can! Don’t want to waste it,” she said smiling, pleased with herself.

After the steaks had received a healthy coating of batter, she popped the steaks into the hot beef fat. Then, to Marisol’s surprise, she began dipping the slices of beef brisket into the grease as well. They soon had a golden brown, crisp coating.

“Heidi loves this! Ever since I made it that one time, she insists on it everyday for lunch!” said Margarita, proudly, arranging the greasy meat on a platter. She hummed to herself as she poured hollandaise sauce over the brisket.

“Say, Marisol?” she asked, “Can you go get Heidi, lunch will be ready in a few minutes. I think she’s outside swimming. I’m sure she’s starving by now, its been a few hours since she finished breakfast.”

“Swimming?” Marisol said, surprised. When she last left, Heidi was so lazy, such a thing would have been unimaginable.

“Yes,” said Margarita. “I think the kids got on her about getting out of shape, so she started swimming again.” Margarita gave a sly smile, which Marisol could not quite read.

Marisol then made her way out to the swimming pool area. She was happy to be back on the estate, as her time there had been very pleasant. She faintly detected the familiar smell of chlorine as she slid open the sliding door which led to the pool.

Sure enough, Marisol quickly recognized the pretty head of dark hair on her friend Heidi. Her head popped up from underneath the water at the far end of the pool. She turned quickly as she heard the sliding door close.

“Marisol!!!” yelled Heidi, beaming.

As Marisol got closer, she began smiling broadly, herself.

“Oh, she looks so pretty! Must be getting some exercise, I was worried she’d be as big as a house by now, for a while there!” Marisol said to herself.

Heidi looked up from the water toward Marisol and smiled as she started making her way toward the ladder. Her eyes looked as gorgeous as ever, her long, wet eyelashes gave her a touch of glamor. Her skin glowed.

“Heidi, good to see you, you look great!” said Marisol, as she reached the close end of the pool.

“Hang on, I’m coming out,” said Heidi.

Marisol was surprised at how long it took Heidi to get to the ladder, but she finally reached it and extended her arms to grasp the metal rails. Marisol was taken aback a bit. Heidi’s arms were now very flabby; it looked like they had grown quite a lot in mass. New, dimpled flesh had now appeared where Marisol only remembered moderately chubby upper arms. The new, excess flesh jiggled as she struggled to pull herself out of the water. Marisol also noticed an undeniably new and large roll of fat protruding from over what looked to be a bikini top.

After several attempts and some panting, Heidi chuckled. “That’s not going to work!”

She then slowing began making her way to cement steps that were at the shallow end of the pool.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” giggled Heidi, as she started up the steps.

As Heidi began to emerge from the water, all Marisol could do was stare, aghast.

As her breasts appeared, it was clear they had grown bigger and rounder than before. They wiggled cutely as she took another step. Next, Marisol saw new, cushiony flesh spilling out from under her bikini top as it rose above the waterline.

“Wow, a bikini!” Marisol muttered to herself.

As she slowly mounted the next step, Marisol’s mouth opened even wider. Heidi began to reveal her belly. As it appeared from beneath the water, it seemed to go on and on. Each upward movement showed more and more soft flesh. It grew wider and wider as it was revealed; Marisol thought it would never end.

Marisol was a little shocked at what she saw, and she looked away, nervously for a few moments. By the time she looked up again, Heidi was out of the water and now stood at the edge of the pool, smiling with her hands on her hips.

As Marisol looked up, her eyes were drawn to Heidi’s tummy. She was bigger than Marisol could have ever imagined! Her belly was so massive at this point, it seemed to dwarf her head and upper body. It looked so wide as it spilled off into huge love handles on each side. They sagged and drooped and covered her bikini bottom entirely.

In front, it looked biggest of all as it protruded roundly, but at the same time drooped down a few inches over her bikini bottom. In fact, the only way Marisol knew she was even wearing a bikini bottom was when Heidi tugged at it to make an adjustment, reaching under one of her huge love handles.

Before she could look at the rest of Heidi’s new body, Marisol felt she had to say something, but overcame the urge to comment on her weight gain.

“Ah, good to see you, Heidi! I’m supposed to tell you lunch is ready,” Marisol said uncomfortably.

“Whew! Awesome!” said Heidi. “I’ll be right there!”

She then started walking. At first she seemed to rush energetically toward the sliding door, but as her immense belly swayed greatly and began to bounce against her upper thigh, she began to settle into a slow, relaxed waddle. It was as if for a moment she forgot she was now carrying a new, incredibly obese body.

As Heidi stood next to her, Marisol noticed how flabby and soft Heidi now looked. Her body was so absent of muscle, it looked like the softest thing she had ever seen. Marisol resisted the temptation to give her expansive and jelly-like belly a poke.

But, as the two chatted for a moment, Marisol began to get over her initial shock. Now face to face, she was again delighted at how pretty Heidi still was. She was the picture of glamor, even as Marisol noticed a slightly larger double chin rounding out her face. The more she stared, the more she remarked to herself that Heidi’s gigantic belly was starting to look cute on her. It was extremely well shaped and there was something about the way it had hung gently and roundly out in front of her that was very attractive. She didn’t understand the feeling, but almost felt jealous for a fleeting moment that Heidi had managed to acquire such an incredibly large, soft and impressive body.

“Hand me my dress,” said Heidi, reaching her flabby arm impatiently toward the chair where her white sundress sat.

Marisol handed the dress to Heidi and watched her throw it over her head. Heidi leaned back a little as she struggled with the dress, allowing her belly to protrude even more.

“Whoa!” said Marisol under her breath as she watched the gigantic rolls fat protrude and sway with each movement.

When Heidi finally got to pulling the dress down over her body, it was clear she was having a great deal of trouble tugging it down as she reached her waist. As she at last got it fully on, Marisol noticed how it now stretched tightly over her belly, so that she could see Heidi’s deep and large belly button in great detail.

“Come on in with me, sweetie! I’m having my lunch!”

When they reached the kitchen, Marisol noticed Heidi was already breathing heavily from the walk. Her face was flushed with red and she panted as she sat down.

“That’s all?” Heidi said, frowning.

She was looking down at the plates in front of her, with hands on her hips, huge tummy bulged out. One platter held a few burgers, and the other a heaping plate of double-fried beef brisket.

“There’s more coming, dear!” Margarita called from the back.

Margarita had yet to bring the deep-fried steaks she had been preparing.
Without wasting a second, Heidi was already stuffing herself with the food. She started on the burgers, holding one in each hand and aggressively biting from each. Within a few minutes, she had devoured all of them and quickly shoved the empty platter away dismissively and reached for the brisket. With her hands, she began dropping the greasy meat into her mouth.

“Hmmm,” Marisol heard her say as she quickly shoveled it in, taking time in between pieces to lick her greasy fingers.

“So how’ve ya been sweetie?” asked Heidi, barely paying attention to the conversation as she looked anxiously toward the kitchen in anticipation of the next course. Soon enough, though, Margarita came hurrying in nervously with a platter of double deep fried, battered steaks.
Heidi quickly began digging in.

The two girls chatted and caught up for a half-hour or so as Heidi ate. Marisol did most of the talking as Heidi’s only contribution to the conversation was a few grunts and a nod of the head. Her mouth was constantly stuffed.

“Hey, Margarita…” yelled Heidi over her shoulder, as she piled the last of the greasy plates, having devoured the impressive feast. “I’m moving to the living room to watch to TV with Marisol, can you bring me my satay in there?”

“More?” Marisol said to herself.

As Heidi slowly got up, she wiped a bit of grease from her pouty lips and began waddling toward the living room. Soon enough, she had situated her huge body comfortably on the couch. No sooner had she reclined lazily on the couch, than Margarita came rushing in.

“So sorry, my dear, I double fried it!” she said, handing a platter of beef satay to Heidi.

Heidi grabbed the plate and when on talking.

“So, you’re looking good, my dear!” said Heidi, admiring Marisol’s trim form. “Bet the boys are after ya! Things are cool around here. Especially since they took my off that stupid diet.”

“Diet?” asked Marisol.

“You know, before I got my little farm and stuff.”

“Oh yeah, no I remember, that was a while back,” said Marisol.

“I totally missed this….” said Heidi, as she stuffed two pieces of greasy satay into her mouth.

“Great!” said Marisol. “Looks like we're all happy!”

The End?

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