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Originally Posted by DownSouthBellyLover View Post
Great story, one of my all-time favorites. Nice to see the 5th part of it after all this time. Keep up the great work.
My favourite too. I like very much the peaceful pace the characters are introduced and brought in the story-line. Not too agressive pushing, everything appears decent and nice - just Wow! This is exactly what I like to read.
Oh, naturally I am impatient to know more of these interesting people and how their bodies and minds adapt further to those pressures that the management and co-workers are creating, but I am perfectly happy with the rythm of the story-telling here.
I have been returning to this site again and again for all those other nice stories, too. Yet Corporate Chubbies has, since I read the first part, been many months the one title that I always check first.
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