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Default The BBQ - dmaskedFA (~BBW(mult), Imagery, Eating)

~BBW(mult), Imagery, Eating - a group of FA's and their ladies take a restaurant tour

by DmaskedFA

Part One

Bill sat in the back seat of the car, watching nature speed by as the car drove up a hill with a old dirt road. Mark took a quick peak at Bill in the rear vision mirror.

"Cheer up, man! You look like you are going to the dentist! What's wrong? Don't you like Fred and June's BBQ?"

"The BBQ I like! It’s the fact that June probably will use this BBQ to set me up with one of her friends!"

Mark's wife, Lisa who was in the passenger seat piped up. "She just has your best interests in heart."

"Did she have my best interests at heart, when she matched me up to Angie?" Bill snapped.

"Look I am sorry that Angie was sleeping around with that chef. And, June has apologized for that for the last six months. When are you going to forgive her?" Lisa said sharply.

"Besides, if it wasn't for her tutoring you, wouldn't you have failed physics?"

After a bit of silence, Bill spoke. "Guess you are right, it wasn't her fault. But, I still don't get why she has to play matchmaker."

This time Mark jumped in.

"All women are that way, it’s as natural to them as shopping." He said with a smile, and with one hand reached over and patted Lisa's enormous belly that filled up mostly of her side of the car. Lisa's jaw dropped, she slammed him softly.

"Kidding! Kidding!" Mark said joking.

With that the car pulled into a driveway of a cottage that backed into a lake.
Bill and Mark jumped out of the car to help June. When Mark opened the passenger door, Lisa turned and her immense gut erupted out. Mark and Bill each took her hands and helped her on to her feet. Most of Lisa's body was just chunky, with most of her weight going into her belly, making her look almost pregnant. Although she faced problems getting up from low seats, she prided herself on walking a lot to help her carry her weight with ease. She wore a light dress that tightly stretched across her huge gut.

They walked around to the back to see Fred starting the BBQ. When he noticed them he greeted them with a handshake, and gave Lisa a hug, having to lean front a lot because of her belly.

"Have a seat, June is just inside getting the beer." Fred said pointing to the wooden chairs.

Just then the screen door opened to the fullest and there stood a woman. Her legs, waist and torso were just chunky, with a large breast and a bit of a tummy. Her ass and hips ballooned out behind her like she was smuggling a car tire in her blue jeans. She passed the cooler that she was holding through the door first, and then came walking through. Her hips came within a inch of touching the door frame. As she walked towards Fred; Bill could see that her immense ass was pulling her pants, exposing the top of her rump and her swimsuit.

When June saw the others, she put down the cooler, and ran to them giving him a hug.

Bill gave her a hug around her abundant waist.

"Glad you are here!" she said excitedly.

"Me too! So, where is this blind date you set up for me?" Bill asked.

"What make you think..." she said, startled.

"I know you too long?" He quickly replied.

Fred came up beside her and reached around to put his hand on the rather large butt cheek on the other side. "Face it honey. We all know you too well!"

Eventually, a smile came across her face.

"Well! Fine! If you don't like being surprised?" she shrugged. "Her name is Julie and she is driving up with Hank and Catherine. She works in my office as a civil engineer like you."

Then she started to pout. "I just thought..."

"You don't have to guilt trip me. I will talk to her." Bill said. This brought a smile to June's cherubic face.

"Good that is settled grab a beer." Mark stated, handing everyone a bottle. The men went over to the BBQ to flip the ribs and steaks, where they pretended to talk about sports. In reality they just wanted to watch the women go down and sit on the armless wooden chairs.

Lisa tried to sit down gently, but the weight of her belly and gravity got the better of her and she crashed into the chair. Fortunately, Fred overbuilt it with strong wood, so the chair held her weight with a groan. Once down she moved around until she was conformable. June came down on the chair gently, and settled in. Her ass flowed over both ends of the chair, but the chair held. Then women started to chatting and drinking.

The men watched this show with delight. Finally, Bill took a slug of the beer and said, "Yeo, guys, this is what living is all about!"

Part Two

"So, are you guys ready to start out on our trip next weekend?" Fred asked.

"What trip?" Bill asked curiously.

"Don't you remember? We are driving to the National Convention this year in Florida." Mark responded.

"But, if we start out then aren't we going to be there at least a week or two early?" Bill asked puzzled.

"No! You are forgetting about Georgia."

Bill still looked puzzled.

Fred rolled his eyes and said. "Didn't you remember the last time we drove through Georgia?"

Suddenly, it all came back to him. He blanked it out become he was still dating Angie then, but now he remembered it clearly.
The whole gang was planning to spend a week in Florida, and they drove through Georgia. We didn't get more than a few miles into the state before we spotted a billboard. "Big Mama Bertha's All-You-Can Eat Steakhouse. Next exit"

This of course, set off Lisa's stomach rumbling. This was followed by June's and Angie's.

The girls gave a bashful look.

"We sorry, it looks like our stomachs have been tempted." Lisa said softly.

Mark gave a grin.

"You guys don't have to be sorry, what are FAs for if not to spoil you girls?" he said patting Lisa's immense hungry belly. This made her belly shake like a waterbed.

"You guys want to be spoiled don't you?" Fred said reaching over and giving June enormous butt cheek a squeeze, and he kissed her on the lips. This brought a smile to June's face.

Bill remembered wrapping his arm around Angie's plump body. "What do you say, Honey?"

Angie said shyly. "I guess we could stop."

"Then it's settled then!" Lisa said. "Let’s get off!"

Mark took the exit and followed the signs up to the steakhouse. He stopped in front of the steakhouse, so the women could have an easier time getting out.

Lisa was able to get out easily, because the van was high up. June and the others jumped out and went to inside to wait for Fred to park the van.

When Fred got back, they walked into the restaurant, and asked for a seat. Without looking up the waitress, a plumper herself, told them that the restaurant was closed for a private party. Then she looked up, and noticed Lisa's huge gut, June's huge ass and then Angie's plump body.

"Ohhh! I am sorry, you must be with the group." she apologized and before they could respond, took them to their seats.

As they walk into the dining room, they noticed that the most of the diners were large, if not super-sized.

As they approached their table a rather large man with a gut hanging below his waist, approached. "Ruby, these people are not our members."

Ruby answered with a surprised. "I am sorry Jack. They looked like they were one of us!"

Jack took another look at them. "Well! We are always looking for new membership! Come, let’s get you seated."

"As you can see we are a group of food lovers and their 'friends'." Jack said "Our group shares restaurant info, with each other. And, since we mean a lot of revenue for them, every six months or so, they get together and pay for a dinner for us."

"And, you don't mind us joining in?" Fred asked.

"No problem. Just have a seat and Ruby will bring out some steaks!"

Moments later, plates with 12oz steaks showed up at the table, with drinks. It was most delicious steak, they have every tasted. When we finished, everyone adjusted their suddenly tighter clothes and just sat back and enjoy the aftermath. Lisa was rubbing her belly, and Mark cleaning a bit of steak of her chin and giving her a kiss.

Jack waddled over the table, looking more stuffed and satisfied then before. "By the looks at this table I see that you enjoyed the meal."

Everyone just nodded.

"Then is it safe to say that you are interested in some of the other eateries Georgia has to offer?"

Everyone just look at each other of a second, and then nodded. It sounded exciting.

"Great, let me just get the forms. By the way, I forgot to tell you, not only do you get a list of great restaurants in the area, but you get a list of the great clothing shops in the area."

Lisa looked down at her dress stretched across her giant belly, and noticed it starting to rip. "We will definitely need that."

And, by the time they final left Georgia, they couple of them did pop out of their clothes and the van was riding a lot lower.
Yes, he recalled it all but now it was back to present time - and he had a blind date named Julie to meet.

"So, you guess that it will take a week to tour the eateries again, in Georgia, before we can move on?" Bill said.

"Take at least a day or two!" Frank said.

June startled the group by calling to them. "Lisa got the teaching job!"

The guys walked over to the women.

"Yes! I will be teaching the fourth grade in September!" Lisa said exciting.

"Congratulations! We know you can do it!" Bill said giving her a hug.

"Good for you! You where wanting for this, for a long time." Frank said giving her a hug too.

The celebration was interrupted by the sound of a honking truck pulling up the driveway.

"They're here!" June jumped up, and everyone went to greet the truck.

It's was Hank's truck and was riding lower that usual.

(Continued in post 8 of this thread)

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