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Hi there, I usually dont post much on here, but I am glad I found this thread as I was have been thinking of this lately. I have been dating a woman for a few months now, and she is probably around 400lbs.
I have thought about things like going to a restarant, movie theaters, etc. and considering here size. Usually, I suggest ideas to her, and leave it up to her to decide what we are doing. That way it is her call, and she knows what she can and cant do. But I would love to get any tips I can to avoid anything that would come up that would be uncomfortable for her. I did make the mistake of thinking I would pick her up in my little ford ranger on our first date. Ever since then, she does the driving now in her caprice. I didnt like the feeling I had, like I hadnt thought of her and her size.
She is also rapidly gaining weight, and I dont know what the future will hold, and what other obsticals are laying ahead, but I would love any info or advice. thanks!
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