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Originally Posted by largenlovely View Post
That's a perfectly reasonable response. I think by posting i meant to prompt fella's to think about these types of things, but instead it may have came across as a rant lol can be quite frustrating to see or hear of men who claim to be interested in dating an ssbbw only to find that they know nothing of the realities it makes a woman question whether or not they truly *are* interested in having a real life relationship, or if they are merely caught up in fantasy.
that is my worst fear, that my lack of knowlege or awareness will be taken as I dont really care for her. There are times when I dont realize something, and I can tell by her attitude that I should have thought it through more. I really dont like that feeling. I dont want to always have to ask her what she can or cant do. I think it would mean more to her if she knew I thought ahead, and she didnt have to say anything. I guess this is all a learning process, would be nice to have a class you could take though, lol.
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