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Originally Posted by shin_moyseku View Post
with this i really want to know about the personal experiences of our lovely ladies, when u realize you were a beautiful girl no matter your size? i mean there is a moment in your life when you decided to accept yourself and start to love your size? or when do you realize you were attracted to bigger girls or bigger men

i honestly would like to know, knowing that everyone is different i hope to find many experiences.

Personally i realize i was a FA in my 13 or 14 when i was on the beach and i saw a beautiful girl, she was bigger than everyone else on the beach and i was so attracted to her, i thought she was the most beautiful woman in that place and can not quit looking at her, since then i love to watch BBWs. its kind of weird but maybe i am not the only one with a sweet memory like this.

well my experience as an FA probably was when i was about 17 i was chilling with a friend andthere was this girl she was big and at that point i wasn't sure which kind of girl i liked she jumped on me by accident and ever since then i have always prefered curvier women. I can't explain it but i deffinately enjoyed it and unfortunately i never got the chance to tell her.
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