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I lived in La Paz, Bolivia for a year, and I found a lot of plump cholitas there. I was still bigger than them. My father's side is from there so I was living with family and traveling around. No matter where I went, people wanted to talk to me, interview me, or take pics with me. I"m also tall. I was told that there was a man who was also very tall and fat and he was quite popular. I was young and didn't like the attention I was getting in terms of people wanting pics and interviews. I didn't want to stand out.

Once while walking down to the Prado, I was coming upon a group of Cholitas who were engaged in animated conversation. The plumpest one was not paying attention to where she was walking and walked right into me. She slowly looked from my feet up to my face and hid her smile and said, "Aye, que bonita!"
Sexy is a Vibe, Not a Size.:kiss2:
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