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Originally Posted by chileno View Post
I agree with Shin_moyseku.

Due to the social pressure, and being in a classicist and conservative country, most girls are forced to believe that they have to look a certain way in order to get married and/or accepted. This is a belief that is taught from generation to generation, with your parents being your biggest critics.

My 5'3 sister weighs 100 lbs, and if she gains 3 lbs my parents are immediately on her case. My other sister is 5'7, and she is forced to be at 115 lbs. And if they do gain a couple of pounds, they feel awful about it, and are almost inconsolable and very sensitive until they do drop the weight.

I am also currently in Chile, and I am appalled at the limited spectrum of body figures out here. I mean, the bodies range from skinny to normal. There are barely any super skinny girls (which is good due to health), but chubby and/or bigger girls are seldom found.

Thank goodness I will be living in Columbus starting Sept, and will be there 2 yrs. Yey!

wenas wenas, me alegro de encontrar otro chileno por estor lados, espero que nos hagamos amigos.
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