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Originally Posted by fatgirl33 View Post
In 1998 I finally had access to a computer that was capable of connecting to the Web. Growing up I'd always had a "bizarre" fascination with fat, but it was something that I kept to myself. When I started to search the internet for fat-themed stuff, I was shocked to find (even then) so much content. The fact that there were other people out there that felt the same way as me was world-changing for me!

The sites that left an impression on me then were Dimensions (or course), Melanie Bel's stories (and her online journal, before the word 'blog' existed), and of course, Kelligrl.

I really owe my awakening to the Internet, and it was one of the profound shifts in my life. So I am very grateful to sites like this - I am especially pleased that Dimensions continues on, stronger than ever!

nice to hear that i also discover all the bbw world on the internet near the 2000, then i was fascinated by Betsy's website
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