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Originally Posted by TallFatSue View Post
¿Chile? ¡Qué maravilloso país!

As my husband and I planned a vacation in Argentina about 5 years ago, we decided to double our pleasure and visit Chile too

Much as we enjoyed Argentina, it was almost a relief to leave Buenos Aires. When we hopped over to Santiago for a week in Chile, and we felt very much at home there. Friendly people, stunning scenery, wonderful food, and summer in January! I'd love to visit Chile again, and see more of that fabulous country, if only that doggone plane ride from the United States weren't so loooong. First Class was the only way to go.

Nice to know you have been here TallFatSue, and yes Argentinean girls loves plastic surgeries, but thinking about your visit here is good to know you think we are nice ppl.
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