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Although I had already become the "big" kid by the time I was 8, it wasn't until puberty that I was interested in weight gain and being a SSBHM. So with a newly blossomed mind (and a 56k modem), I scoured the internet for people who felt the same way--I always knew I couldn't be the only one. The websites back then were all gay-exclusive, with not a singe FFA in sight.

After a LONG search, this was the first website I found for BHMs and female admirers (way back when it had a really crappy message board layout). At first I was just browsing what seemed to be a BBW site until I saw the "BHM/FFA" message board. I had always been somewhat shy about my interests, and while I found other distractions for years, I've decided I finally need to accept myself for who I am and join a community that supports that.

So here I am, and even though it took until just recently to start posting, I am deeply grateful to what the BHM/FFA forum has done for me. =)

Oh, and hooking up would be nice too =P
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