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In second grade, on Valentine's Day, my mom got me those lame store-bought heart cards for me to give to like all the students (even the dudes, which was embarassing), and had me make one "very special" hand-made card for my special girl, Sarah. When I got to school, this very large girl came up to me to bum change for milk. I said, "hold on, missy" and fished in my Battlestar Galactica bag for the "special" card and gave it to her right there. Tears welled up in her eyes and she gave me an incredibly passionate hug. I was filled with child-like joy feeling her against me.
Of course the other students and my friends were against it, saying stuff like "she has a whole fat family and will always be fat", so I succumbed to the ideals and left her wondering what happened.
At 9 we moved overseas, and the preference for the zaftig was more accepted, but still viewed as weird, and the pseudonym "chubbychaser" stuck for awhile, until high school back in Texas, where I was dating waifs and beanpoles again, and always trying to pawn off my lunches to them without success, until this one girl I was tutoring with math seemed to be a bit hungrier and eager. She would come to my house, and I kept candy around and made pancakes, etc. She went from 122 to 140, and became my "secret girl" (I was a headbanger/nerd and did not play sport). At this point I was convinced I not only preferred more size, but thoroughly enjoyed watching them get there.
The piece de resistance was in college, when I hooked up with a girl at a Metallica show. We went out for three weeks, and she was always asking for fast food or fried pies everywhere we went, and had already went from 127 to 145. That Valentine's Day I took her camping at this hunting cabin I have, where I made her a multi-course meal and a truckload of dessert. She asked if she could eat it all and leave nothing for me. I said it was impossible. As she got going, she asked to be fed. A real feedee! She got up around 200 by the end of the year, then moved away. So from V-Days 1979 to 1992, my FA cycle was complete, and I'm happier for it. Love Free Or Die!!!

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