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iheartsquishys can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesiheartsquishys can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

First, Squid and theguy, hilarious answers. Both made me laugh out loud.

For me, it means a place to express myself without the usual 20 minutes of explanation and mis belief. If I "see" a hot guy on here and give him a compliment he just thanks me. If I tell one of the other FFA's on here that I think so and so is cute, she agrees and says "yea, his belly is amazing." and not: "What the hell? He's fat!"

It is a place for me to find images and representations of my world. If I want to see a picture of a cute guy (probably how I found the boards in the first place ) and make up a little story in my head of us cuddling on the couch I can find that picture here. If I want to read a nice romantic story about can find it here. If I want to see a cute comic about a woman tripping over herself while staring at a guy, RV always has one. Not that I can't find that somewhere else but the boys look all wrong in mainstream media etc. The books describe feeling his hard chest instead of his moobs and the comics would have some icky abs instead of a big round belly.

I like the guys' perspective too. I'm not the most socially coordinated person so being able to talk about my awkward interactions with hotties and get feedback is great. It makes me more confident when I do approach guys. Or at least some comfort in knowing other girls get nervous around the fatties.
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