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Originally Posted by edx View Post
- Obviously, it always seems that most members of the other gender don't match up, and any minority can find itself lost amongst louder voices. This was part of what led to the creation of the BHM/FFA board, and over the yeras it really has helped to grow this community, bit by bit.

- Fat FA know well how it feels to be snubbed, so I think maybe are a little more likely to try to be considerate of people who are not their own cup of tea.

- Fat FA are apt to be pulled towards more than one board: one board where people tend to admire those of their size, and another where people the size they admire hang out. Which reduces their presence at any one place, maybe making them seem even less present.

- You know all those stereotypes about fat people dating fat people? Maybe sometimes, away from the computer, that leads fat FA to have a little easier time finding a partner, compared say with a fat person who is only interested in a thin partner? (I'm purely speculating on this one).

- Sometimes I think what is key is hitting some critical mass. Look at how the bashes around New Jersey and Boston have just exploded in popularity, judging from the postings here. I think when there are not many people in your area, sharing your preference, or whatever, it tends to be discouraging and people are less inclined to really put themselves out there, because it feels like 'what is the point?' I don't think we have ever demonstrated that Dimensions has a critical mass of fat might be there, but the reasons above have kept it from being obvious.

Just my quick thoughts.
I think you nailed it, Ed. While Dims certainly has a emotional magnitude for each person here, it's most effective as a framework for grassroots membership. Dims is something of a rallying point around which all parties can participate, albeit on different levels with differing ideas of activism. By having many members that belong in many categories, I think we tend to split and exclude rather than gather. But given enough people, similarities within subgroups can inspire realization of the similarities between subgroups.

The challenge seems to be getting past the "what's the point?" threshold and reaching critical mass (great pun, mass and Dims... )

However, I see Dims occuring at broad spatial scales, so why are the most active groups on Dims all geographically clustered? I'd venture that it's through physical application of similar socialization that Dims offers, but only on a community level. Being around other Dimmers provides the opportunity not only to speak out on behalf of everyone here, but to bring that to family, friends, and the world. It's putting a face on a cause.

Anyway, my digression is based in what Dims means to me and why it's important, so I hope maybe a few more people will try to expand the reach of Dims. Sorry if I'm getting too excited, but I really want to incorporate some of these behaviors in my area and I'm kind of a GIS geek... Wee!

Oh yeah, I also agree w/Ed on the likelihood of fat FAs more often finding partners than others with one seeking a preferred, mandatory body type. I think it seems a little bit ironic that Dims is about size acceptance (granted I understand that sometimes preference can be fairly absolute in sex) and there are limits in the definitions of preferences. But if you enlarge the group for potential partners, statistically speaking you should have a better chance of nabbing one. Thanks for putting up with my long-winded spiels!

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