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Default North American BBWs and BDSM

I have the impression that almost every other North American (US and Canadian) BBW I contacted in the last 15-20 years was involved in some form of BDSM, generally on the receiving end.

I have also the impression that among the European BBWs I got in touch with - basically Italians and Germans - BDSM is much less common.

I wonder if this is due just to the number of BBWs I know, that definitely is not enough for sound statistics, or if American BBWs are really more inclined to BDSM than their European sisters. If so I wonder what could be the reason. Self-loathing for being fat? Just fashion?

At this point I also wonder if and how many North American FAs are interested in BDSM.

I am eager to know the opinion of the members of this forum and I also add a poll reserved to North American BBWs and FAs.


P.S. I wanted to introduce some finer tuning in the poll (FFAs, BHMs and more detailed sub-groups) but the number of options - only 10 - did not allow this, and adding anothe poll would have been too clumsy.

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