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Originally Posted by love handles View Post
When I was younger I was terrified of gaining weight. I have no idea what happened but over the past 4 years or so I have just not cared and have gained a lot. If I am honest I didn't mean to gain (Perhaps it was unconscious?). My main turn on is gaining (from an almost self sexual fantasy stance) I think perhaps my fantasy has seeped into reality. I am not terrified by this.. annoyed maybe by the more practical things that a large weight gain can bring.
I think you can stuff now and then and fantasise without gaining.. maybe you can indulge now and then?
I confess that both of these are true for me. I've long been terrified of gaining weight (deliberately, as I've put on a decent amount as semi-inadvertently as someone who wants to gain can), but lately I've been unable to care about anything. My appetite has zoomed, and according to my clothes the effects are starting to add up.
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