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Default The shapes of the future

It may be a month after your question, but I'm going to reply anyway -

Bottom line up front - the last few posts have made the story more interesting, with deeper characterization. Sure, there's the contest in the background, but it's more about the people, their personalities, and the archetypes they represent lately. I presume that's mostly intentional. It's certainly well-done, better than most character studies.

Etna and Holly:
A deal with the metaphorical devil? On the one hand, Holly's insistence on politeness is probably part of her upbringing. On the other... Sympathy keeps rolling through my head. Etna's a (wo)man of "wealth and taste"... "Use all your well-learned politesse, or [she]'ll lay your soul to waste". The addition of Holly's decisions - and realizations of her decisions, making her aware of her own desires - adds quite a bit of depth to her and definitely "rounds out" her background.

Holly and Amber:
We know that Amber was raised... alternatively, and appears to be the personification of "free spirit". She's also shaping up to be the "pure feeder"... but not necessarily by choice. A bit of unexpected assertiveness and selfishness from Holly there. It may have been gone into with more detail in the past, but if not would be good for a future sidebar to give us more about Amber - she _seems_ like exactly what is on the tin, but then so did Holly.

She is clearly focused on the joy of it all. Which is currently extending to hesitance over food with disgusting names. If she'd been fed them during a 'stuffing' phase, she wouldn't care, but when she's paying enough attention to know what she's eating...

For all that she's a Witch, she's the Token Normal in all this, the Every(wo)man who is going to be more of a Narrative Observer than anything else.

While Holly says there's not enough left for Dawn to take the lead - I was re-reading for the terms of contest, and it's "until one of us gives up or there's no more food... and there will never be no more food". And we know that Dawn is simply never going to give up, even if she did slow down to enjoy the fact that her feet were about to leave the ground forever. So just when all seems done, shouldn't another feast-worth of food arrive?

Lydia remains the Every(wo)man - the Token Mundane
Amber, as discussed, seems to be be restricted to the role of The Feeder, at least for now...
Etna remains the Selfish Feedee archetype - the viscious glutton, the one that I can enjoy her size but I despair at her personality, and find it an overwhelming turnoff.
Dawn is the Joyous Feedee archetype - "Oh, this is fun, and so is this, and this..." - sure, there's the desire to beat Etna, but that's secondary.
Holly, however, is emerging as the Liberated Feedee archetype - she spells it out: If she gets big enough, she'll be free. ... and now I'm wondering, what will be unleashed when she gets big enough to be free?

(Holly came across as the more submissive personality earlier. But in the more recent episodes, Amber shows how she's willing to submit to Holly. Will she eventually take up the role of the Submissive Feedee? "Yes Holly. I'll eat whatever you want me to, Holly, even though I thought I was already full")
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