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Clovis has said some nice things


Thank you for another insightful response. Someone should be paying you to do reviews because I would certainly read them.

Glad to hear that the more recent chapters have worked for you. Wasn't sure if most just wanted "more of the good stuff," and less dilly-dallying.

You say Etna is an overwhelming turnoff- is this to an extent that she is harming the enjoyment of the story, or are you simply saying that she is a successfully detestable adversary?

Don't want to say much about what's to come, but I enjoy your speculation. Sadly, I've had less time to devote to this, but I am still working on it and comments like yours are a good kick in the pants to keep me going.

You mentioned in an earlier post some confusion about Dawn's shape and size- has this been cleared up any better in this latest chapter?

Also, you had asked about Lydia's previous spellcasting adventures and I posted them here along with my other works:



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