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The immediate problem I see with this is that you think you have to tell them and defend your beliefs, really you don't need to tell them at all. I went through this same thing with religion and sexuality. I didn't realize till later that I was the one bringing up the religion of other people and proceeding to bitch them out because I thought their beliefs were ridiculous. Of course what I actually told them was to stop shoving their religion down my throat(Like they were trying to convert me even though I started it). Point being, religion is personal and it's none of my business what other people believe in, nor their business what I believe in.

The same goes for you and your interest in large ladies, you don't have to tell people, you don't have to bring it up, it's PERSONAL! You can like whoever you want and if you do date a thick lady and a friend starts harassing you about it, well they're not your friend anyway. When you tell them to cut the crap, that you really like her, they need to stop, and if they don't, drop them, they're not worth your time. They don't need a reason why you like big girls, you just do, and that should be good enough for a real friend.
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