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Originally Posted by Fat Brian View Post
Sometimes the best way to "come out" is to date who you want and don't make a big deal out of it. If someone says anything about it tell them the truth and if they respond negatively then whatever. You have a girlfriend and they probably don't.

Originally Posted by mithrandirjn View Post
I know what you're feeling, dude, but it's not worth sweating it. Try not to look at it as "oh no, if I date her, people will know I like big girls!". Honestly, there's lots of non-FA guys out there who wind up dating overweight women for various positive reasons, it's not a FA-exclusive thing to do.
Originally Posted by MrRabbit View Post
Why do you have to tell your friends that you are a FA? You can also just date big girls whitout having to explain that you are specifically attracted to them.

If they ask you why you are dating a big girl, or if they just ask you what type of girl you like, you can still answer something like "I like someone soft to cuddle with."

I was also very shy when I was younger, and the only advice I can give you is to take the jump and don't look back. Your FA feelings will never go away, so sooner or later you will have to anyway.
Originally Posted by GlassDaemon View Post
The immediate problem I see with this is that you think you have to tell them and defend your beliefs, really you don't need to tell them at all. I went through this same thing with religion and sexuality. I didn't realize till later that I was the one bringing up the religion of other people and proceeding to bitch them out because I thought their beliefs were ridiculous. Of course what I actually told them was to stop shoving their religion down my throat(Like they were trying to convert me even though I started it). Point being, religion is personal and it's none of my business what other people believe in, nor their business what I believe in.

The same goes for you and your interest in large ladies, you don't have to tell people, you don't have to bring it up, it's PERSONAL! You can like whoever you want and if you do date a thick lady and a friend starts harassing you about it, well they're not your friend anyway. When you tell them to cut the crap, that you really like her, they need to stop, and if they don't, drop them, they're not worth your time. They don't need a reason why you like big girls, you just do, and that should be good enough for a real friend.
These guys all have their ducks in a row. I've known that I liked big girls forever, and it wasn't something I felt like I had to sit down with all my close friends and say, "look guys, I've got a secret. I like big girls." I just went after who I wanted. I dated some BIG girls in HS and college, and funnily enough, nobody ever said a word to me, not even my closest friends.

If you're anything like me, after high school, you'll lose touch with most of your HS acquaintances and what they thought/think of you won't matter at all any way. When you get out, your true friends will get sorted out from the rest, because they'll keep in contact with you. And if they're true friends, they'll have absolutely nothing to say about your choice of romantic partners.

tl;dr: Your choice of romantic partners is nobody's business unless you make it their business.
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