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It's also important not to deny your preferences for too long since, for most people, preferences evolve over time...but not unless you experience them first.

I'm not exclusively FA; frankly, I'd just as soon date a thin woman I find attractive, but part of growing and learning what I truly enjoy and what I'm most compatible with involved experiencing different types of people firsthand.

For example, I remember thinking that it'd be fun to date somebody who looked like she could be one of the web models on here...but I really didn't end up enjoying it that much. Not that she was a bad person, but I found that what I saw as so attractive in online material suddenly didn't do it for me so much in real life. However, I needed to experience that for myself to really know it.

The longer you guy denying your tastes or preferences, the harder it is to come to grips with them and let them grow and develop with time and experience. It stunts a person, a real emotional stunting, which is very unhealthy in the long run.
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