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To the OP. No woman is ever going to be okay with you expressing your feeling (on whatever number date) about a specific aspect of their body unless they are totally comfortable with you AND are in the first place at least okay with that aspect of their physical appearance; which they may not be in the least. I have dated women that really hate being anything other than thin, these women were big and it didn't take very long for me to figure out that I could never make them like their big body. Imagine it like being a guy that loves women with MASSIVE boobs; I can't imagine any scenario dating or meeting the first time that it would even be okay to express that to her (if she brings up an aspect of her body then you could carefully tell her you like her curves etc. but the exact way you say anything will have a big impact on how she feels about what you think), weight is the same really in that it is so very personal. Also guys that really like big women will tend make a big deal about her weight which would then shift the focus off personality, interests, life etc and on to the fairly superficial topic of physical appearance/looks; which I place alongside talking about her boobs whatever. The fact that you're showing interest in a woman does communicate that you do (at least in some ways) think she is good to look at. I apologise if I missed the mark partially or completely.
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