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Originally Posted by TwoSwords View Post
I'm skipping over the doom and gloom parts, and going straight to this.

As I've said, I need to express these feelings. That's the main goal and primary purpose that I'm looking to fulfill. If she can't help with that, that's not okay for me.

If she can, but there's some price or condition involved, it's more than probable that I'd be willing to pay that price, but I can't change what I need. If I could, I wouldn't ever be in another relationship again.

For this reason, it's not enough to imply my feelings. I must express them. There's no other option. I have no choice. I'll do this in a relationship, or I'll do it outside of one, but any relationship that requires me to sit on them (and I mean, for good) is not worth the massive price of admission.

I know lots of people who have personalities, and while I can and do get to know people on a personal level, I outright refuse to pretend that I can be in a relationship with someone, and conceal, for months, the biggest, strongest and most persistent part of my feelings about them.

I hope you don't think I'm offended or anything. I'm really not. But "abandon all hope, ye who enter here" isn't the advice I need.
Fair enough, for me the way I express my love for big women is to/with my wife. I adore her because of many reasons; one of them being because she is cute and cuddly (big and getting bigger; because she loves her food and I love to spoil her). I don't have to ignore my feelings because she shares my feelings. I am not sure if this is helpful either; but it helps me.
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