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Default Weaning Gemma Off Rabbit Food

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Weaning Gemma Off Rabbit Food
By kingmangoly
Part One

It was a pretty unusual affair for me to go out with all the guys and girls from school, but since we were graduating the big meal out felt compulsory. There were about forty of us descending on this poor restaurant; good for business but pretty traumatic for the staff that had to deal with us. Tables were pushed together to accommodate everyone together, just like when restaurants have children's birthday parties. All the other customers sat around the edge of the room looking disgruntled while our massive group made a ruckus, fighting over who sat where and so on.

I always felt a little uncomfortable on occasions like this. I would usually hang out with my two or three close friends, and it was with them that I sat at one end of the huge long table. In the middle sat the loudest and most popular people who wanted to be the centre of attention. As I looked down the table I saw everyone down there drinking already (the popular kids had some liquor somewhere) and banging fists on the table as they enthralled one another with stories that must have been totally hilarious, I'm sure.

Our quiet end of the table with me and my friends, the outsiders of the group you could say, was a lot more peaceful and I was thankful for that because I was painfully aware of the attention our group was getting from the other patrons. I was also painfully aware of my clothes hugging my bulging figure, as I always was at times like these.

I was far from the biggest of the forty or more of us; some of the popular guys were 300 pound football players, but they were 6'5" or even more and running into them would be a pretty good simulation of running into a brick wall. I was undoubtedly the fattest, as I normally was. I could hardly pass as tough like they could, being on the side of 250 pounds that no 5'8" eighteen year old wants to be. I hadn't weighed myself for a long, long time and I guess I was probably about 270 by then. I could feel my love handles spreading out a little wider than the chair and I was relieved that I was finally sat down so I could stop sucking my gut in.

I had a nervous habit of obsessively stretching my shirt down to make sure it was covering me, as if I forgot for a few minutes I would often be dismayed to find my flab hanging out somewhere. Once I started my job working for Dad, I thought as I sat there, I could finally go out and buy some much needed new clothes. My friends, in front of me and to my right, were talking away while I daydreamed and I was completely unaware of the girl sitting on my left, until it was time to order food. The waitress took her order before mine, working her way down the table to finish with us, and it was only when I heard her speak that I noticed her. She had been sat there very quietly indeed. It seemed like she was in a similar situation to me; sitting in a daydream while her friends chattered away.

She ordered something that I didn't much care for (I don't remember what, but it seemed dominated by salad). It was then my turn to order, and although I looked at the waitress when I spoke, I could feel the girl next to me was looking at me for the first time. I could only see her out of the corner of my eye so I'm not sure what her reaction was to me ordering the two pound burger with fries, but the waitress gave half a smile as if she had guessed that it would be fatty's choice.

I had never spoken to many of these people from my school, but I don't think I'd ever even seen this girl before. As the waitress took orders from my friends, I turned back to face the table and our eyes met for a split second.

"That sounds nice," she said quietly - so quietly it took me half a second to realise it was me she was speaking to. I would have noticed how nervous she sounded, if it wasn't for the fact that I was too.

"Umm... yeah, so does your... thing," I spluttered, failing to remember what horrible thing she had ordered and trying to make up for it with a smile.

"Oh, come on," she said a little louder, with her head facing me but her eyes looking down at the menus. "I'd much rather have had what you're having."

"Well... why didn't you?" I said.

"If I ate stuff like that I'd blow up like a balloon," she replied, blushing a little just at the thought of it.

She was incredibly pretty, and I was certain I had never seen her before; I would've remembered. Her skin was fair, although her cheeks had some color now. Her eyes were bright blue but dark nonetheless; she wore little makeup but she made very alluring use of eyeliner. Long, straight dark hair hung down over her shoulders and she had the kind of adorable nose you would definitely want to squeeze. I was always nervous with girls, but I felt like this was happening so fast I almost didn't have time to think about that stuff.

"Well me too but it doesn't stop me," I said with a wry smile, shaking my head in pretend despair. She looked down at how far I was forced to sit from the table by my bulging, overfed stomach, and struggled to supress a playful giggle. Me acknowledging my size seemed to make her relax a little, as it often did around new people. People like to know you're laid back about that stuff.

"I need to watch my weight though. I don't think you need to worry about that," she said looking me in the eye properly for the first time. I wondered what the hell that meant. Did she mean I didn't need to worry because it was too late and I was already a fat bastard? Or did she mean that I looked fine being fat? The smile she was giving me as she looked into my eyes told me it was the latter. There was just a hint of that feeling when two people forget where they are as they get lost in each others gaze.

"You don't need to watch your weight," I began, deciding not to investigate what she had meant; I would find out eventually anyway and I was desperate not to kill the conversation. I was beginning to feel quite comfortable with her, which had never happened to me with a girl before. "You're thinner than most people nowadays."

One of her friends nudged her and began chirping away in her ear about some nonsense. I was quite annoyed, but I sat patiently waiting for her attention to return to me. She was not fat at all, I thought, as I took the opportunity of her looking the other way to inspect her body. She was slim, her legs looking very slender in tight jeans and her upper arms having no trace of flab at all. Her breasts were probably average size, though they did look very lovely in her tight T-shirt despite being covered over.

The only place where there was even a pound of excess fat on her was in the tiny roll of belly fat that poked out over her jeans, exposed very clearly by the tightness of her shirt. Although it looked soft, it was really small and faded in significance compared with my enormous belly stretching out in front of me. I was well over double her weight with a considerable amount left over, I thought, estimating her to be 125 pounds at the absolute most.

"I'm Gemma," she said, finally turning back to me. "Or Gem, they sometimes call me," she added, gesturing towards her friends who were still mercifully oblivious to her chatting up the fatty who couldn't believe his luck. My friends, in contrast, were quite awestruck by what was happening.

"I'm Joshua. Or Josh," I replied, thrilled to have recovered her attention after five minutes or so. She gave me her beautiful smile again and was about to say something when the food began to arrive. Being the last to order we were pretty much last to receive, but we didn't have to wait very long.

Gemma thanked the waitress for what looked to me like rabbit food. She picked at her plate of vegetation and foliage but didn't take her eyes off of the monstrous burger that awaited me. The fat dripped out of it and the melted cheese ran down the sides collecting in puddles at the bottom of it's huge towering form. The rabble up and down the table fell to a mere murmur as everyone began stuffing their faces. Forty sets of knives and forks began their ceaseless up-and-down ferrying from plate to mouth, or rather thirty-nine did; God gave me hands for a reason.

My mouth could barely fit around this beefy mammoth, even while I compressed it with all my might. It was all I had hoped for and more, the hot and succulent juices dripped down my chins and the relentless swallowing was ecstasy to my stomach, which I had not realized had been so hungry due to the distraction of talking to Gemma.

I was sharply brought back to reality by my friends to the right of me, chuckling at this spectacle. I turned to my left to see Gemma staring at me, bewildered. She was biting her lip in the way I thought women only did in pornos. I felt a drip of the juice trickle down my chin, and with that her erotic fašade crumbled as she gave way to hysterical giggling.

"It's nice then?" she asked, watching wide-eyed as I took another bite.

"Uh-huh," I grunted as I chewed.

"It looks it," she said. I swallowed what I had in my mouth and put it back on my plate.

"You want a bit?" I offered. I just knew she wanted it desperately.

"I don't think it would do me any good."

"Look, this thing is huge - I don't need all of it. Are you sure you don't want me to cut you off a bit?" I persisted. Before she could reply I had already attacked it with my knife and fork.

"Oh, okay. But I'm blaming it on you when I get morbidly obese," she conceded quietly, pretending she wasn't thrilled at the prospect of eating some decent food. I dropped a massive slice of it onto her plate and she wasted no time in devouring it. Watching her eat it was even more pleasing than doing so myself.

Half an hour later everybody had cleared their plates and was now sitting back, hands on bellies. People were talking less and laughing more as they got more tired and drunk, too stuffed to be excitable. Gemma tried under the table to conceal the fact that she was unbuttoning her pants but I spotted it easily; it was a manoeuvre I had to perform myself every day. Her bloated little tummy was relieved to be free and I heard many supressed belches from her.

"That was delicious," she announced. "I'm gonna have to diet extra hard next week though." I didn't respond to this. I knew there was very little point trying to talk sense into a girl who's obsessed with dieting. Instead, I would buy her desert.

"I don't think I have any room left," she protested when I offered.

"Please let me get you something, I'd really like to," I continued. I prevailed of course. I was sure she liked me and so felt compelled to accept.

It was pretty late at night by the time we finally left the restaurant, seemingly several pounds heavier and definitely many dollars lighter. I decided to go for it and ask for her number. Just as the crowd of our drunken classmates were getting into their cabs or parent's cars, I caught her just outside the door.

"Gemma! Before you go, I wonder if I might ask you something," I began, feeling nervousness returning for the first time.

"Yeeeees?" she teased, her eyes lighting up.

"I wonder if I could have your number. It's just that I really feel like we..." I began, reciting the speech that I had been thinking up for the last hour while I was talking to her. But she had already grabbed a pen from in her bag.

"I don't have any paper," she said calmly, smiling reassuringly having seen how nervous I suddenly was. She grabbed my hand. "Do you mind?"

"Erm... no, go ahead." She scrawled her number on the back of my hand.

"You're a really nice guy, Josh," she said, and reached out and gave me a brief but tight hug. She smelt nice. "Don't leave it too long," she added, grinning, gesturing towards my hand with the number on it as she walked away.

"Goodnight!" I called out. She waved as she turned the corner, then she was gone.
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