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Part Four

It was a good thing that I had started my job now. Delivery and installation of electrical appliances working for Dad's small company was hardly thrilling work, but it meant money. This was important because eating out a couple of times a week with Gemma was bleeding me dry, but now I could afford to really treat her. I decided to step it up with my new money and eventually we were going out three or even four times a week.

She was really a great person to be with. It would be no exaggeration after a month to say we were totally in love, and I felt like the luckiest guy in the world (as much of a cliché as it is).

On the sexual side of things we took it slowly. Partially, this was simply because of our personalities; we both preferred to do so, but it was also somewhat due to the fact that I got a lot of satisfaction from encouraging her to eat anyway. I had never really had this plan; it was impulsive to me. My love of food naturally made me want to share it, and I didn't realize straight away that it was turning me on.

What I did know all along, however, was that I liked full figured women. Gemma's waistline didn't stand much of a chance now that her natural appetite was being unleashed. She still complained about calories and dieting and so on, but it was just like a habit. It took a couple of weeks for our little regime to have a visible effect, but after a month we were seeing progress.

Her little belly roll had become something big enough to actually grab now, although it would not fill your hand (yet). Her upper arms were now noticeably thicker, and her breasts seemed a little fuller, but it was difficult to tell still. Where there was most difference was in her ass and thighs. The tight jeans she had worn when we met soldiered on for the first two weeks, but for the second two they mysteriously disappeared. Her thighs were spreading across a little more of the passenger seat in my car than they had before, and her ass looked quite a lot softer, even if it wasn't massively bigger.

Considering the colossal amount of food she was eating, she had gained very little though; I would've said fifteen pounds or so. I know for a fact she was still on a strict diet when she was at home. She would talk a lot about how fat she was going to get if we kept on like this, but never talked about the gain she had already achieved. Obviously, I never brought it up. Maybe she hadn't noticed? Unlikely, I thought, as she was wearing different pants now.

The truth was I had gained more than her. Much more. I had not weighed myself in many months, so I decided to finally bite the bullet after being forced to buy nothing but XXL T-shirts for the first time.

306 pounds. Holy crap. It had escaped my notice over the last month, but now as I looked in the mirror at my blubbery mass I saw my belly had swelled a hell of a lot. The rolls where it spread around to my sides had beefed up considerably, and I could grab handfuls of belly all the way round to where it met up with my love handles. I couldn't really put my arms down by my sides now because they were separated by protruding under-arm rolls where my moobs where overflowing from my chest and spreading sideways. My moobs had lost the fight against gravity some time ago and now drooped pretty low; I looked in the mirror and was struck by how far apart my nipples were now.

Treating Gemma to good food was clearly having more of an effect on me, which made sense really since I was overeating at home too unlike her.

A week later, on our fifth week of dating, we made love for the first time. I'm not really sure what I had been expecting my first time to be like. I guess an adolescence of Dad putting me down had convinced me it would never happen and I'd almost accepted that, so it was a very odd feeling when I was stood naked in Gemma's bedroom with her cupping the "huge man-tits" that Dad loved to mock me for.

It happened after we had been out one Saturday evening. Gemma's parents were out, and she had been commenting all evening about how lonely she was going to be in that great big house all alone all weekend. I may have been inexperienced, but that was blatant enough for me to get the message.

"You have a very nice house," I told her. I had been inside before when picking her up, but never upstairs.

"Thanks. I can't wait to leave though," she said, flopping on her couch. Her room was massive and had a couch and bed, which I thought was pretty extravagant.

"How come?"

"Well, you know, we're adults. I can't stay here forever, but that's what's gonna happen if I don't find a job. I'd like the freedom of having my own place at last," she said, gazing out of the window.

I would too, I thought as we reflected for a moment.

"Let's watch some TV," she said at last, patting the couch next to her so I would come and sit with her. We sat there for a couple of hours, until it was totally dark outside. I don't even remember whatever the hell it was we watched; obviously I was more interested it the fact that she was cuddling up to me. I put my arm around her and she rested her head on me, and with my free hand I gently stroked her long dark hair. She was soft and warm and there was nowhere in the world I would rather be.

I was beginning to wonder if she had fallen asleep when she finally turned to look up at me, with a slightly sleepy smile. I hoped she wasn't too tired.

"Do you think it might be bedtime?" she whispered.

"I do," I whispered back. Leaving the TV on she stood up and went to the bathroom. I went and sprawled out on the very big bed. The TV gave us a dim light from the corner of the room. A couple of minutes later she returned, minus her pants. Her thighs were now quite shapely indeed, and I was hard instantly when I found myself between them. Laying flat on my back she sat on top of me. She was no longer wearing her bra either, and so my heart raced with anticipation as she reached up and, after a second, whipped her T-shirt off, leaving her increasingly ample breasts jiggling wildly in its wake. They looked larger than ever from below, and I was powerless to resist the urge to reach up and feel their weight in my hands like an exquisite fruit. As I cupped them in my hands she reached back and held her hands behind her head, savouring the feeling of her breasts being tenderly stimulated as I felt her nipples between my fingers. I put my hands under her arms and felt all the way down her sides until I reached her broad and newly softened hips, giving them a squeeze. With that, she bent down and kissed me.

I was really too fat for her to get my pants off while laying down, so she dragged me to my feet. Before they were even all the way off she had already started work on my shirt. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of it an slowly lifted it up and over my head, clearly enjoying the process of unveiling what was underneath. She threw my shirt to the floor and looked up and down my naked figure, bulging, sagging, and wobbling. Her hands were drawn to my belly first, grabbing a handful on each side and giving it a little shake up and down. Next, she gave my moobs a jiggle, judging their size and softness, before planting another kiss on my lips and pushing me back onto the bed.

She jumped back on board and pushed my belly up out of the way so that she could spread herself over my cock. She finally lowered herself onto it and let out a gasp. Every inch of me rippled with the initial pleasure, and I found my hands gripping her hips again, aiding her movement as she rose and fell, over and over. Each time she drove it a little deeper, and I felt her fingers working their way in through the doughy fat into my belly button. Her heavy rack bounced vigorously as she pounded away, but her eyes were unmoving as she held eye contact, building up to the ultimate crescendo of moans and gasps as we gripped each other with all our strength for the few seconds during which she slowed right down and drove my cock into her as hard as she could for the ecstatic last seconds before it was over - the best orgasm I could ever have imagined.

We stopped still and panted exhaustedly. I felt the sweat, cool on my face, and the warm juices of our love making down below. After ten seconds, she let out an elated laugh of intense relief, and I did the same.

She fell asleep long before I did. Her gentle breathing seemed louder in the darkness, and I could've sworn I could feel her heart beating next to mine. As I lay there, spooning her, I thought about the next step.
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