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Part Seven

The anniversary of our being a couple came around quicker than I ever dreamed it would. My life had been transformed immeasurably over the last year, and I had been totally oblivious to how quickly time was flying by.

In the four months since Gemma returned from her Grandma's house, dieting and weight loss were not mentioned even once. Her weight gain became something of an elephant in the room; I made it very clear during sex that I was enjoying her expanding figure and she liked it when I did, but we didn't mention it at all. I did however catch her her two or three times checking herself out in the mirror when she left the bedroom door ajar while she got dressed. She was biting her lip and grinning appreciatively at her blossoming curves. I was delighted by this sight, but never let her know that I had been peeping through the gap in the door.

Although the fat comments kept coming from Dad, they had been half-hearted and lacking any real venom since he found out about Gemma. Although he never made any apology, it was clear that he felt stupid. Instead of seeking me out to relish mocking me, he now avoided me whenever I visited, skulking away to hide somewhere. Even he couldn't mask what was obviously appreciation when I first took Gemma home to meet my parents. He felt humiliated.

Mom made use of his new vulnerability to get revenge. His days of making the atmosphere cold and hostile around the house were over. Instead of the usual complaining and growling, he could now be heard obediently mumbling "yes, dear" every time Mom wanted something.

On the week before our anniversary we visited my parents. Gemma drove us in her car, and the usual excitement from Mom followed our arrival within seconds. She now expected to see me noticeably larger each time we visited so she didn't act surprised.

"Hello sweetheart," she squealed, her arms reaching less and less of the way around me with each visit.

"Hi Mom," I replied, struggling for breath after heaving my enormous bulk out of the car, but smiling for her nonetheless.

"And hello Gemma honey," she continued, moving onto my bewildered girlfriend who always got hugged just as enthusiastically as me.

"Hey, how are you?" Gemma wheezed, gripped by Mom's powerful hug.

We began to walk towards the house, Mom and Gemma going slowly so I could keep up. I was now pushing 375 pounds, and so my walk had rapidly turned into a waddle. The last forty pound gain had found its way mainly to my gut and love handles. Everything had become softer, wider, and flabbier, and I could feel the rolls on my sides bouncing around like crazy as I waddled towards the front door. Gemma's favourite part of my body was fast becoming my tremendous love handles, and whenever I was stood in the kitchen cooking our meals she could seldom resist surprising me from behind and giving them a quick grab and jiggle.

I was exhausted after the short waddle from the car to the house, and wasted no time in getting myself sat down at the table. Mom and Gemma sat with me and we began talking while snacking on the various treats laid out on the table for us. Mom told us that Dad was finding work increasingly stressful.

"He just comes home, sits in front of the TV, and doesn't say a thing all night. He just falls asleep on the couch. I can't even get him to eat his meals. Says he's stressed out," Mom said, shaking her head.

"He must be working too hard," Gemma suggested, picking at the bowls of candy in the middle of the table.

"Damn right he is," Mom said. "Working twelve hours a day, seven days a week sometimes."

I decided it was time to ask Mom something that had been on my mind for some time.

"Mom," I began, "I wonder if I could ask you to do something for me."

"Of course, honey."

"I wonder if you could have a word with him about work. It's just that, now that we have our own place, I could really use more money." Mom raised her eyebrow. "I wonder, what with all the stress he's under right now, if you might be able to twist his arm into letting me take over some of the managerial stuff."

Twist his arm she did. Apparently it didn't take much twisting. As much as Dad resented the idea of me taking over the business, he couldn't argue. He wasn't short of money and desperately needed a rest, so after Mom suggested he could use the new free time to take up golf like he had always secretly wanted to, it was decided.

On Monday, I sat in my new office and gazed out of the window. Although it wasn't exactly Lower Manhattan, I felt pretty important as I watched the traffic driving by. Gemma knew that money wasn't the only reason I wanted a desk job; I had officially crossed the line where I was simply too fat to drive the van. I sifted through paperwork all morning; there were many kitchen appliances to be delivered. Apart from the twenty or so delivery drivers, there were only five or six employees in the shop during the day, but I still found one to go and fetch me food when I wanted it. The kid was new to the job and looked quite dizzy as I listed all the things I wanted him to fetch me to eat throughout the day, before stuffing a wad of cash in his hand and sending him on his way.

Loving all the new money that was flowing in, I decided the first stop I needed to make was at the car showroom. With 400 pounds just around the corner, Me and Gemma decided that it would be a good investment to look for a car that could carry my immense body comfortably and with room to grow. As we stepped through the door the salesman's eyes lit up as he realized I was clearly someone that was making a purchase out of necessity.

"So what are you looking for today," he asked with the fakest smile you ever saw.

"We need a car with plenty of space," Gemma announced, holding my hand. "My lovely butterball here got a bit too big for ours." Obviously, she didn't have a mean bone in her body; she only teased me playfully about my size because I told her sheepishly that I was very turned on by it.

"Uh, right... I see..." Stuttered Dave (as his name tag proudly proclaimed). "So, uh, you're looking for a vehicle suitable for a larger gentleman?"

"You guessed it," Gemma sang gleefully.

"Well, uh, how do you feel about this one over here?" Dave asked, gesturing in an exaggerated manner as he lead us over to a large truck in the corner. He had to hold the door open for me for longer than he was expecting as I slowly waddled over to it, my arms swinging with each wobbling step. The truck bounced almost as much as me as I dropped into the seat. Gemma joined me and grinned excitedly. I noticed Dave the salesman checking out her ass as she climbed in; something that I noticed more and more men were doing as she filled out.

By now Gemma was an undeniably chubby 200 pounds. Her beauty had only increased now that she had a very pronounced double chin. With the last thirty pounds or so she had edged very slightly towards being pear shaped. Her ass was wide and full, showing the first signs of some dimples appearing in places. She was rapidly developing thunder thighs which stretched her jeans to the limit, and chafed so that what little walking she still did was really becoming a chore. The cute little folds of fat around her middle had morphed and finally evolved into one big belly roll, which sagged a little when she was standing, and as we sat in the truck it spilled out onto her lap.

"Well how do you like it?" she asked me. She reached over to examine how much room I had. As she stretched across I got a nice view of the new fat that had formed on her thickening upper arms. I always thought that chunky upper arms were an especially feminine feature of larger ladies.

"It's good. There really is some room to grow," I mused, looking around. The seats were very wide and even I wasn't spilling over at all. The steering wheel was adjustable to make room for my gut as it grew and there was a big and sturdy step to help me get in and out.

For our anniversary, we took the new truck on its maiden voyage. We went to the most posh restaurant we could find and I spent the most money I have ever spent on a meal, but it didn't matter. I was happy enough not to care as we demolished all three courses in good time. We had passionate sex that night, although in certain positions my size created some logistical problems now. Gemma assured me though, whilst wrestling with my flab, that the struggle was part of the fun for her.

I woke the next morning to see that, unusually, Gemma was already out of bed. She was stood, completely naked, at the end of the bed looking at herself in the mirror. She turned sharply when she realized I was awake.

"You're up early," I yawned, sitting up in bed in my usually ungraceful way.

"Yeah," she replied. She looked thoughtful.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing. I was just looking at myself," she admitted, embarrassed that she had been caught. I smiled.

"I do it all the time," I said, climbing out of bed and joining her in the mirror. Her chubby body looked tiny compared to my great rippling waves of fat. I put my arms around her waist from behind and rested my head on her shoulder. We stared into the mirror for what seemed like forever...

"Do you like it?" I asked at last. The answer was pretty clear by now, but I was relieved nonetheless to hear it at long last. She smiled slowly and turned to kiss my cheek as it rested next to her own.

"Yes." She turned and hugged me, sinking her arms into the rolls around my sides. "It makes me feel... really sexy, I guess. I just never imagined I would be a big girl... I was always a bit afraid of what people would say if I got fat," she said hesitantly, looking at our reflection in the mirror the whole time. She then turned to look up at me. "I feel safe with you," she whispered, and gently kissed me. I brushed her long dark hair aside with my hand and looked into her blue eyes.

"You're so beautiful," I told her, getting lost in the moment.

"One thing though," she said, as if she was snapping out of a trance.

"What's that?" I said, slightly startled.

"When will these fade?" she asked, running her finger along the new, bright red stretch marks on her stomach and sides.

"Not long, some of them already are," I pointed out, looking at her fainter ones from forty or fifty pounds ago, already beginning to turn silver. I remembered how I had been a little scared when my first ones appeared. "Mine didn't take long."

"Mine seem worse," she said.

"I've gained over a hundred pounds in a year, I've got a hell of a lot - even from before that," I laughed. Due to my size I couldn't see the earliest ones directly anymore, but I reached and pointed to the bottom of my belly where I knew they were.

"Oh, yeah. I can hardly see them," she said.

"And all around here," I continued, holding my arms up. The little silver marks poked out from between my rolls of fat, barely even visible. Although I hadn't been fond of them as I piled on weight, I liked the fact that they mapped out my gain. Despite the fact that my dimpled flab made a lot of them harder to see, the new red ones were on my love handles, and other new ones confirmed my suspicions that my moobs were expanding recently, again, as well as the obvious growth spurt my belly was having. My belly hang now reached quite a long way down my thighs, slapping against them with every step I took whilst naked.

We just lazed around the apartment that day and, at Gemma's request, I didn't bother getting dressed.
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