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Part Eight

I turned the key and the engine of my truck fell silent. I opened the door and with an almighty groan I heaved my legs out, one at a time. I collected all of the junk food wrappers from the passenger seat so that I could put them in the trash on my way past, and paused for a few moments to brace myself. I then tentatively reached out with one foot to find the step on the side of the truck, and then slid slowly out. I closed the door and bundled the wrappers into the trash, before waddling towards the inviting front door of my house.

We had been living in our new home for four months. Much to Dad's surprise I had done a good job at work, and I had helped him nurture and expand the business in a way he could never have managed without me. This, combined with the fact that Gemma had a new job at a larger store in the city in a low-level management position, meant that we were now happily living in a modestly luxurious house in a pleasant suburb.

Winter had really set in now, and the windows of our warm and comfortable home glowed against the darkening evening sky. As always when I worked late, I knew the woman I loved would be waiting for me inside, and even after almost a year and a half together the excitement I felt around her had not diminished. I could see my breath in the cold air as I waddled up the path and fumbled in my pocket for the key to the door.

I shuffled into the warm as quickly as I could and closed the door behind me. It was warm and cosy as ever inside and the smell that greeted my nose told me that Gemma was working wonders in the kitchen again.

"Gem I'm home!" I called, kicking my shoes off and lumbering over to the couch. With a huge sigh I flopped my colossal 430 pound body onto our luxuriously oversized couch, before heaving my feet up onto the coffee table. I searched for the remote and switched the TV on. Just then, I felt tender, familiar hands squeezing my shoulders from behind and working their way down onto my flabby chest.

"Hey, baby," she whispered, before planting a big wet kiss on my cheek. I looked up at her and returned this display of affection. "Tell me what you think of this," she demanded, whipping out a freshly baked cookie and forcing it into my unprepared mouth. It was still warm from the oven; crispy at the edges and soft and squishy in the middle with the chocolate chips in the grey area between melted and solid.

"Fantastic," I replied, chewing vigorously as she prepared a second in her hand before thrusting that in too.

"I think they're my best yet, but I think I need your expert opinion," she teased, stroking my giant belly as it stretched out in front of me while I sat.

"Mhmmm... I agree..." I responded, struggling to swallow while trying to talk. She plodded back to the kitchen, beaming with satisfaction at my verdict. I watched her over my shoulder, admiring the way her broad hips swayed when she walked now, and her very large rear bounced pleasingly with each step. Thanks to our relative wealth, we were enjoying a very comfortable and overindulgent lifestyle that would encourage weight gain in anybody, let alone me and Gemma.

She lovingly handed me my dinner and sat with me on the couch. She had gotten into the habit of bringing me two or three plates of food to save me the trouble of having to move my fat ass to get seconds and thirds. We ate quickly, but appreciating the food nonetheless. Gemma certainly knew how to cook, and it was something I enjoyed doing together when I wasn't so late getting home. With our massively overfed bellies stuffed, we cuddled on the couch, snacking and watching TV all evening as usual.

Snuggling up on the couch gave me the chance to rub Gemma's belly, which often made her aroused and always helped to make room for more food. The more weight she gained, the more she like the effect on her womanly, buxom figure. As she enjoyed these changes, her gain accelerated, and to describe her as chubby was by now an understatement. As she watched the TV and mindlessly nibbled on pieces of chocolate, I stroked the doughy roll of belly fat that was spilling out of her pants. She had overindulged her way past 250 pounds, or even slightly more, and there was no doubt about it now: Gemma was fat.

As her confidence in her womanly curves blossomed she initiated sex more than ever. Although she continued to savour each and every excess pound of fat that I gained with the same sensual lust that she always had, she now appreciated her own body as a manifestation of overindulgence too. She became more turned on than ever when I caressed each expanding curve and fondled her rapidly thickening layers of fat.

We made love most nights, although it was certainly becoming more challenging. As much of a treat as it was for Gemma, I was no longer really capable of any positions that involved standing up, so she went on top almost always. As she became bigger she got more out of breath and a little sweatier in the act, but enjoyed it more than ever. Her massive thunder thighs clapped against me as she rode me, and her huge, flabby stomach bounced wildly. Her bulbous breasts now drooped a little under their own weight and often clapped loudly against each other.

She increasingly employed the reverse cowgirl to change things up, and the view it gave me was just as tremendous. Continuing to hold my belly out of the way, she would turn around and reveal her truly magnificent love handles to me, so plentiful in their size that my hands could not hope to hold them in their entirety. The sexy little rolls on her sides made her back look incredibly beautiful, and I adored the way her huge ass wobbled under her movement, full and jiggling and now lightly decorated with cellulite in the fattest parts. When she reached up to brush her hair out of her face I could see the flab dangling from her chunky upper arms and shaking just like everything else as she moved.

"Oh, Josh!" she moaned to the ceiling thrusting herself onto me with all the strength of her heavy, powerful body. I fondled the squidgy fat on her sides and under her arms.

"Gemma..." I groaned. At that moment, I wondered why any man wouldn't like a big, heavy woman to make love to, and finally succumbed to the impending, phenomenal orgasm.
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