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Part Nine

Our neighbors, Robert and Amanda, were a married couple in their early forties. When we first moved to our new house they had introduced themselves to us before we had even finished moving our furniture inside. Despite the age difference (they had a son and a daughter who were older than us) we got along well. Judging by how massive I was, they had been surprised to find out we weren't even twenty yet and even more astonished that we could afford such a house.

After we had made our introductions Gemma and I invited Robert and Amanda to have dinner with us and they returned the gesture the week after. Ever since we had been each other's guests frequently and we had formed an unlikely friendship with the older couple.

Almost all of the residents in our middle-class suburb were middle-aged married couples, living peaceful suburban lives now that their kids had left home, and growing pleasantly plump as they enjoyed the finer things in life. Rob and Amanda were no different. Their waistlines told a story of luxurious dining, and in the four months Gemma and I had lived there, I noticed they always seemed to have a bottle of wine or three on the go.

With all 430 pounds of me spread out as I sat leaning back on my chair with my hands behind my head, I made Rob seem pretty small. He was six feet tall with a receding hairline and sported a pretty big gut, probably putting him at 275 pounds. His wife was in a different league though. After the four of us had stuffed ourselves senseless with an extravagant feast, Gemma and Amanda had gone to sit and watch the TV, while we stayed sat at the table.

Our lengthy conversation had turned to the topic of travel. It often did, because going on exotic vacations was one of Rob and Amanda's favourite things. Rob was dismayed when I admitted the truth to him that I had never even left my home state.

"You've never left the US?" he said.

"Actually... to tell the truth I've never even left the state," I admitted.

"You're kidding! Oh wow..." he said incredulously. "I can't imagine that when I think of all the incredible places me and Amanda have seen. Tell you what, since you're gonna be sat there a while," he nodded towards my enormous distended belly, "why don't I go fetch the photo albums?"

"Uh, sure," I agreed, in too much of an incredible food coma to resist. Rob scuttled away to the other room, and I rubbed my gut and had to let out a belch. I heard Amanda's voice questioning him.

"Honey, why are you getting those out?" I heard her saying.

"I'm gonna show Josh all our photo albums," he replied proudly.

"Honey, I think I nearly stuffed him to death, you tryin' to finish him off by boredom?" she laughed in her usual merry tone, everything jiggling as she chuckled, no doubt.

Rob reappeared, shaking his head. He was clutching four leather bound photo albums, which he promptly laid down on the table. He picked one up enthusiastically and I prepared myself for the endless pictures of hotel rooms and drinking in bars. When he opened one though, I couldn't believe my eyes.

"This is Niagara Falls," he announced, holding it up to me. I suddenly sat upright and examined it closely. Standing in front of the falls, smiling, were a very different couple to the one I knew. Rob's hair was still complete and he looked very different without a beer belly; he was actually pretty skinny. My eyes, however, were drawn to Amanda. In the photo was a very short 170 pound, slightly chubby little blond woman and I wondered for a second if it was even her.

"When was this?" I asked.

"Oooh, Ninety-four? Yes, ninety-four." He smiled a little at my surprised reaction. "We're a bit thinner as you can see." He turned to the next one, taken a couple of months later. He flicked through dozens of photos and time progressed in increments of a few months, and in each the happy couple filled out a little more, slowly but surely.

"Uh, that would be... Miami, ninety-eight," he continued. Rob was yet to change much, but Amanda was getting chunkier with each year. As they stood on the beach, looking out into the sunset, her sleeveless top revealed flabby arms and a double chin was developing. He resumed turning through page after page. Eventually we got to an especially nice one.

"NYC, year 2000," he said. They stood in Times Square. Rob was now beginning to get a paunch, and Amanda was at least 225 pounds now. Her double chin was thick and full and her short frame was getting round. We went through more and more photos.

"Rome, 2006," he said eventually. By now he was pretty fat, but Amanda had swollen considerably. "We were eating a lot of good food around this time," he added with a grin, looking at his 270 pound wife as she stood in front of the Colosseum. A big fat belly was hanging out of her pants and her thighs were like pillows of cellulite. Yet more pictures followed.

"Paris, 2010." Presumably Rob had taken this photo, because he wasn't in it. An enormous Amanda stood in front of the Eiffel Tower. She was at least 320 pounds, and at no more than 5' 1" tall she was clearly uncomfortable on her feet. She was leaning against a fence and looked pretty red in the face. The weather was very sunny so she wore light clothing, revealing a very broad double belly forcing its way outwards and downwards and her increasingly pendulous breasts were spilling out of her bra. "French cuisine, délicieux!" he added, smacking his lips. The progression continued.

"The Grand Canyon, 2011." Just a year later she had shot past the 350 mark. There were some pictures of her walking, and she was clearly struggling. She looked exhausted in fact; her thighs were as thick as tree trunks. "This was around the time we decided to go for the scooter," Rob said. "Amanda was finding it a bit of a struggle to really get around."

The next photos were of the last three years, and in all of them Amanda was sat on a scooter. She looked a hell of a lot happier and more relaxed.

"Aren't you gettin' bored yet, Josh?" said the present day Amanda. As she waddled through the door, her girth literally filled the width of the doorframe. Despite her tiny stature, she had grown to at least my weight, probably pushing 450. She had given up walking (except around the house) four years ago and since then her weight had exploded. She took a huge bag of chips and disappeared again.

Two days later I was laying on my bed with my laptop. Curiosity had gotten the better of me and I had decided to have a little look at how much a scooter would cost. I wasn't exactly serious about it, but when I saw them I couldn't help but to pay more attention. I knew I could easily afford one but I hadn't expected there to be so many to choose from. People were really going to a lot effort to put an end to the chore of walking; there were all kinds of scooters for all sizes of people.

In the end, I decided against it for now. I didn't want to succumb to immobility just yet (which is inevitably what would happen). It scared me a little but I couldn't get the idea out of my head after that...

Gemma was out shopping for clothes with Amanda. I was very happy that she had found a friend. As much as I wished I could, I couldn't give her all the companionship she needed, and she didn't have any girlfriends from school. She told me one night whilst I cuddled her in bed that her school years had been quite a lonely time for her, and the few girls she stuck with at school hadn't even tried to stay in touch with her.

I don't know what the two of them discussed in private, but Amanda was clearly having a positive effect on Gemma. I think her having a friend who was much older, much larger, more sexually experienced, and more comfortable with her obese body is one of the reasons why she started to love herself and her growing body more and more since we lived in the new house.

The sheer amount of calories needed to maintain such a huge weight meant that my gain had slowed quite a bit. By anyone else's standards I was still packing on the pounds, but not at the incredible rate that I had been. After three more months, I broke 450. This meant a gain of just over twenty pounds.

Gemma on the other hand was gaining like never before. When we were in bed she would tell me how much she was overindulging as a kind of foreplay. It turned out she was having fast food binges when she was out with Amanda and then again with me in the evening. Most days, she was eating five meals, not to mention the desserts, treats, and snacks that came between and after, and she would drive in her car no matter how short the journey. She was getting fatter and fatter every day.

I couldn't believe she had gained fifty pounds in such a short time. When she stepped on the scale and the first digit was a three she was obviously pleased with herself. She simply smiled, before turning to the mirror and grabbing the huge thick floppy roll of belly fat that hung over her pants with both hands. She then gave it a good shake and screwed up her nose and gave herself a playful 'Rawr!'
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