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Originally Posted by stuffedbellylover View Post

I have recently seen pics of you in another forum... and I have to say you are still a bombshell!

I love the one in the tight blue jeans... looks like the button is gonna pop off every second... LOL

The profile pic you posted there makes you look pregnant... so how far along are you and what kinda gender does your "food n beer baby" have? ;-)

Enough kidding I think you look so great Katie... and Im no fan of women gaining at all... So if I say you look great its not becuase of your gain but because of the fact your pounds fit perfectly...

To me its not about the pounds... its about the perfect combination if appearance and character... and you definitely bring all of it!

So on one hand I hope you arrive your gaining dreams (as you are such a nice person) but on the other I hope your gain wont go too far... as I love the ladies plushy but healthy...

But I have no doubt you will stay healthy!

I have another tip for you if you wanna gain: as you are a smoker you should think about quitting... Im sure it will give you some extra meat to cuddle! ;-)

Im so excited about the project we discussed... and I wonder what decision you will make in the end...

I have a perfect script for a set over here... originally done for a model who has retired unfortunatelly... so if you want to have a look at it just tell me... ;-)

Aside from the script Id love to see you doing a "Beer Belly Challenge"... that would be downing 4-5 liters (a bit more than a gallon) in 30-40 minutes... a model I recently mailt to said that would be impossible... but Im sure you would get it done... even if you were ready to burst afterwards... ;-)

As for your school career I wish you a nice and successful start!!! Its always a pleasure to see a model doing a off-modeling career as it will be something for the future! :-) So good luck... well, not that you will need any luck... but anyway... LOL

Best wishes and hugs,

Thank you Chris I always love signing on when I know you left me alil somethin,somethin.haha
I know I can't hardly control this lil demon food n beer baby
As far as gaining goes I just love the way everything start to grow...get bigger..It fascinates me.I remember when I was at 260-265 awhile back I liked how I felt..I was healthy and I mean it was an experience that I obviously wanna try again cuz I was alil younger then...Now I know what I want and know what I like as far as gaining and the way I want my body,I'll still manage to keep my health that's the number one right now...

Wow you have sooo many ideas LOL you make my head spin(in a good way,)I will totally have them done be4 Christmas haha.
Yea I start school pretty soon I'm sooo excited..It's about dam time LOL
well thank you for your well wishes and luck I'll need it
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