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Hey Katie!

Itīs an honor to exchange opinions and ideas with you! So I have to give the compliments back!

So did I get it right? You were pretty fat as a teen then somehow cut the weight back and found out you liked the fat Katie a bit more? So you are gaining your fat back now? Thatīs quite an interesting way... So are you an on-and-off-gainer... that you gain, then loose it all to have the joy of gaining it back again on purpose? I know a lady that actually does that as well... she is normally slim... eats herself fat and round from time to time... cuts the fat back.... just to start all over gain... Thatīs funny... ;-)

Itīs really a happy news that your health s #1 for you... as you are still so young... I really like that kinda BBWs and gainers who care about their weight.... as most donīt...

As for my ideas Im so glad you like them! But in case of the "Beer Belly Challenge" you should use alcofree beer... otherwise youīd be busted like hell afterwards... ;-)

I hope you classmates will like you... and not bash you for being "da fat gal"... But you have such a lovely chararacter so Iīm sure you can convince a lot of them to be allies with you against the "Anti-Fat Katie"-fraction... Itīs so nice to see you arenīt only enlarging your body but also your brain by going to school! Is it allowed to ask what kinda school it is and which classes you are going to take? If you have German class or so... donīt bother to ask me whenever you have probs with your homework... as Iīm German... not that way of an American who states being "German" because of an German ancestor in 18something... but Iīm real German... German ancestry, born in Germany, living in Germany... oh and of course I have a German passport... what a surprise... LOL :-)

Best wishes and hugs,

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