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Hey Katie!

Happy New Year at first!

How was 2010 so far?

Im sure no one blames you for not answering as Im sure most people will enjoy the results of your Christmas binging with the fam! :-)

Im so happy your family doesnt tease you and tells you to lose weight but that they are supportive! So you can call yourself a lucky lady for having such a family... Do they also know what kinda work you do to gain money for university? ;-)

Anyway Katie I hope you had fun starting into 2010 so far... and if you really had a cigar I hope there are photos to show... Im sure it looked classy and hot! ;-)

If you still wonder what 2010 will bring you... I hope new clothes will be one of the answers otherwise you will have to walk around naked... because your own ones, especially your pants, wont be able to get closed anymore... :-)

All the best for 2010!

Best wishes and hugs,


PS: Hope you dont mind me answering all 3 of your answering post in this one but I didnt want to make it so complicated! ;-)
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