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Originally Posted by GPL View Post
Sasha: You were a hottie already back than!! Guess you are gorgeous at any weight. It doesnt matter if it is 120 or 620, lol

Kerrypop: Your pics are cute The last pic shows off your nice curvy round butt, and we like your butt

Tina: Also a natural beauty at any weight. Even as a kid your face showed you would grow into a very beautiful lady. I'm sure your childhood must have been terrible sometimes. Carrying 230lbs on such a young age is very much. I got sad when I read about you needing a cane and a wheelchair back in the days. Hope your legs carry you much better these days

Tinkerbell: Also nice pics of you, I love your smile and long hair

Cindy: You are the Goddess of the high weight. You changed quite a bit over the years. And now looking gorgeous as ever!!

Please take care, ladies;
I love this thread, hehe

Sorry SVS, but I cant view your pics, so I can't comment them

Tight hugs,
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