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Accept does more than just post hot picsAccept does more than just post hot picsAccept does more than just post hot pics

I had always been weirdly fascinated with female body expansion from a very early age. Around middle school I started to use the internet to explore it, and found some of the early expansion sites like Wren Spot. That's when I started trying my hand at drawing what I was imagining. I remember stumbling upon an early Dimensions and seeing the before and after shots... that's when the neural connection started forming between that familiar fascination and the abstraction thereof personified in bigger girls.

I put a bunch of art online in the late 90s and got a bit of a following, and along the way experimented with every sort of kink related to expansion whether I was into it or not. Eventually I began to graduate to an affinity for the BBW/WG side of things only, and by the beginning of 2002 I was completely disinterested in anything else (to the disappointment of several "inflation" fans I had become internet friends with along the way).

And thus emerged the FA you see today.

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