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Originally Posted by Buffetbelly View Post
I don't think you guys are doing it right. Here's one way.

You need preparation. Get two dozen of your favorite donuts, open up the box, and set it on the bed next to where you will lie. Have a carton of chocolate milk on the bedside table.

Now, the feedee lies on her/his back, and feeder rides on top. The feeder grabs a donut and slowly and lovingly and sensuously crams it into the feedee's eager maw. As the feedee chews and swallows, the feeder continues to ride his partner and to deliver a vigorous belly rub. The fatter the feedee, the easier to reach the belly whilst thrusting.

The combination of the sexual arousal and the belly rub does amazing things. As the feedee, I have found that one dozen donuts is not enough, which is why I specified two dozen. I have trouble eating one dozen quickly when not en flagrante so this more than a doubling of capacity. Dry mouth is an issue, so ask your feeder to pour some chocolate milk down your greedy gullet in order to cleanse the palate between pastry items.

Be forewarned of some very weird "Pavlov's Dog" type effects. You may find yourself aroused when eating donuts, or getting hungry during sex. Possible side effects include bloating and weight gain.
I think this is a great idea and have always been fascinated by this. I especially love the idea of fidning someone to do this with and encouraging the pavlovian response so that eating becomes sexually arousing in itself.
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