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Unhappy Fat in med school

Lurking, lurking, lurking, not lurking, when something arises in my life that needs peer support.

So yes, I am going to med school this fall. I am old (near 40) and I am fat (5'5, 230lbs). Since I don't live in the US, the application process differs a bit from what you might be accustomed of, but it was tough nevertheless. I studied like never before for 2 years to earn my place and finally I did. Throughout that time I thought that before the school starts I can lose the weight, or at least some of it.

Well, that didn't happen and now I'll be a fat and old freshman in med school. I've known to be somebody who walks her own paths and I am proud of it, but now I am absolutely dreaded to death. I have always been insecure of my being and now I'll be walking to the lions den, where others are young, slim, pretty and athletic.

I do not mind being fat. I think I look good, I've learnt to appreciate my body. But I know I am un-fit. I know I do not exercise enough. I know I do not eat healthy enough. I know I do not live as your physician would suggest you to do, so how could I become a doctor?

I am so scared. My dream has come true, but so has my nightmare.

Any kind words would really help.
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