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Ya at first I didn't see where she was plus-size, until I looked at her legs. Ok, maybe. But of course in a society where young woman have an obsession with thigh gap, Rihanna is a plus-size violator of their peace.

I'm convinced this is a combination of what woman think is pretty and them wanting to control how/when/where/etc guys look at them sexually. I understand the latter, but the former is confusing. Woman have a unique blend of what they think is pretty and is fashion-sense. In terms of the latter, the supermodels are often dangerously thin. Most guys do not find that attractive. This is by design. I support it. The problem is this has spread society-wide and created what I think is an unhealthy obsession.

She's very beautiful. If I was a woman, I'd envy her beauty.

I wish anybody could look the way they want, but had the wisdom to not let it destroy them.
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