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Originally Posted by SlackerFA View Post
Yikes, somehow I managed to miss this thread until just now ! But I'll add what I can to the discussion.

zzz, I understand where you're coming from, because until recently I was in the exact same situation of being a reasonably attractive and confident guy who just never met any women he was sexually attracted to. And I know what you mean about how trying to pick women up in bars, etc. can be uncomfortable and difficult, both for the reasons the women in this thread have already given about BBWs putting up a shield of unapproachability, and because, for those same reasons, I tend to get anxious and start second-guessing myself: "does she think I'm a creep? what if she thinks I'm just trying to pick her up because I think she's desperate?"

I don't have much to add to the advice you've already been given, as far as picking women up in everyday situations goes: just be sincere, honest, be yourself, shower daily (), etc.

But one piece of advice nobody seems to have given yet, which I highly, highly recommend: find out if there are any BBW events/dances in your area and go to them! I started doing this a few months ago, and it's been an amazing experience. It's a big ego boost and learning experience (for me, and I'd imagine for the women as well) to be able to flirt, chat, etc. without any of the usual anxieties -- when we're both implicitly aware that yes, the sexual attraction is genuine, I find that it becomes a lot easier to let go of my nervousness and have a casual, flirty conversation in which I can demonstrate what an awesome guy I actually am . And I bet your experience would be very similar.

I'm guessing from your language that you're British, so I can't recommend a specific party, but we have a lot of UK posters who I'm sure would be happy to help you find one.
Thanx for the good answer!

You described my situation perfectly... I guess all the men know the feeling when you can be entertaining, fun and everything else with the girls you don't find sexually attractive. As soon as I start speaking with a really hot girl, I immediately start speaking like an idiot! And I completely understand why they get turned off by that... but, on the other hand, that's a burden we all carry, don't we?

About BBW events: I'd be really grateful if someone could pinpoint such an event in Scotland. Please, people, if you know for such an event or just a fat friendly place, don't be strangers and share the details!

Finally, I must add this: thanx for the compliment! I do live in Britain for almost a year now, but I'm not British... seems that my English really improved here.

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