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RacinJason can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesRacinJason can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Originally Posted by SamanthaNY View Post

Congrats on quitting the booze. Though I don't know the level of your alcohol use (abuse?) - I'll risk being preachy and nosy... I caution you to be extremely careful. Quitting cold turkey, on your own, can lead to some very serious health consequences. Even though you're seven days out, you can still have complications. I encourage you to seek your doctor's assistance with this, especially since it's possible that you've just switched your habit from booze to cigarettes. From your other posts, I understand there are other, additional factors which could seriously impact your health.

I'm sorry to be a drag, but I almost lost someone who tried to stop drinking by himself. He stopped easily enough, but his body freaked out afterwards, and almost killed him.

We want you here to enjoy the life you have to come. Stay safe.
The family doctor is taking care of me. He got me through smoking, obesity, and he is dealing with my latest debacle. I haven't told him I started smoking again.....I really don't want to get my ass kicked by a 60 year old man in a white coat.

I'm that classic sort of addict. If some is good, more is great. I generally pull myself out of spirals with minimal effort. The last time I thought I was drinking too much I quit it for nearly 8 years. But like I said, if a little feels good....then give me MORE!!!! I'm not a 24 year old that can abuse my body like a rented car anymore. I'm 40 and worry about cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes and dying on the toilet like Elvis. Real bummer to get old.

Thanks for the kind words. When this is over I can move on to a mid-life crisis and grow a ponytail, buy a Porsche, and start dating 21 year old women. I guess that will be the next chapter.
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