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I'm only new here so wasn't exactly sure where to post something like this. And they dont have carriages for the disabled in Australia. I doubt they would ever allow it. Im not sure how the story came about. I heard it briefly on the sunrise tv show this morning.

Originally Posted by LillyBBBW View Post
Not sure if this is BBW forum appropriate. I'lll bite anyway because it's an interesting topic none the less. Are they thinking of quardoning off the fatties so they can spray 'em down or is this a measure simply to make accomodations? People complain that fatties take up too much space so it seems this would be a good idea. They do it for the handicapped and no one thinks it's descriminatory. I do have a prediction though. I predict that skinny people will race into the fattie cars lto be the first to get a wider seat with a speech a la Rosa Parks at the ready if anyone looks at them funny.
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