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Originally Posted by Mishty View Post
I'm visiting family this week and have fallen head over heels in love with this local gas station/cafe it serves every fried food under the sun, and has soul food made by a local "hero" that once won some kinda Memphis BBQ award!
On Wednesday nights that have all you can eat for 10.00 and huge carry-out boxes for the church crowd! Needless to say I have a binge to brag about!

I ate this while I was there:
2 deep fried chicken/onion/pickle kabobs(huge!)
1 bbq pork sandwich with slaw
2 fried chicken legs
1 fried chicken breast
Dirty rice
Potato salad
Crab gumbo
2 biscuits
'Nana puddin
Homemade lemonade!

I took home two boxes filled with:
4 slices of bbq pizza(homemade and to die for)
1/2 a rack of sweet heat ribs
dirty rice and gravy
4 yeast rolls
2 Country fried steaks
1 more kabob
Blackberry cobbler
root beer

and 2 orders of fresh fried cheese, cheddar and mozzarella

I'm thinking of staying another week just to spend another Wednesday night in paradise...
I've been told they have serve a killer Sunday breakfast! Complete with sorghum syrup and butter biscuits!
and? have you counted how many calories a day do you eat?
OMG you eat A LOT!
Its always the samE?
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