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Red face awkward but hopeful and shy..

um, so ive been active here and there for a few years and i guess i just wanted to really introduce myself. eh. i know this is kind of a controversal board-i mainly stick to the paysite board. but hopefully this will be well recepted. im lola, from pinups. im not comfortable revealing my rl just yet but. anyway. i just wanted to brag on my self.

i set a goal for myself back in nov.09 to gain 80lbs by oct.10 and im over half way there

my face in 2008

since ive been gaining (again) here's my face since...

spring/summer 2010



id like to post some more pics as i gain and i will as i get some body ones, ect.

i originally started gaining in 03 i went from 130lbs to 200lbs by 2005. from there i got close to 240 then lost it and got back down to 200 in the summer of 2009. well, i decided to start gaining again nov. of 09 and really be serious about and stick to it. im having so much fun i didnt know where else to turn really. i have two people who are sweet enough to feed me and wait on me because ive gotten so lazy its a little silly

dresses are my best clothing opion because what pants that do button are so tight i cant move and my xl tshirts that used to fit perfect now display my growing tummy which has starting resting on my upper thighs while im standing up. sitting down it rests about half way to my knee. im stoked about that lol im sorry it's just strange to talk about. my thighs feel so taught it seems like the skin may burst and my knees are dimpled inward.

my back has this adorable little dimple in the center now where all my fat rolls meet. i like it. im happy and i feel silly but i just wanted to share. thanks

-lola lugosi
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