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Originally Posted by Shala View Post
I hope its not just me, but there's alot getting lost in translation here.
A bit but its cool to see people from new parts of the world!

The girl I lost my virginity to was A small BBW about 5"0 tall and around 180 lbs, extremly bottom heavy (her height meant she was well filled out and by the time we split she was more like 210lbs).
I had fancied bigger girls for ages but as a shy kid I didnt hook up with one until this girl in my first year at college, I was 17.
She was cool into emoy hardcore before it became vogue, we were together for about a year and a half but when she started Uni a year before me it became really strained and after I started the people I fell in with didnt agree with her.
Sexually all I can recall was she was the last BBW willing to get on top of me, prolly cos back then I was heavier and since Ive tended to date bigger girls
who think they're going to crush me... Ive lost alot of weight in the last few years. I used to love curling up in bed with her and feeling how much wider her hips were to my own... I think that has remained my faviourite part of curling up with a big gal.
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