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I was out of the country, and staying at a villa-type hotel. I'll skip the details, but there was a knock at my door, and P was there when I opened it. She was wearing a cotton batik dress with nothing underneath, no bra or panties, and she was there to spend the night with me. We fell into each other's arms. I could not believe how utterly soft she was. In bed, there were rolls of fat I had only seen in photos before, and it felt exactly as I thought it would feel---only better. Her belly was big, fat and rounded, her breasts were relatively small but cute cute cute, and her behind was wide, with lots of cellulite. She had big bulges of fat on her upper inner thighs, and to kiss and caress them was utter heaven.

At one point she said, "You really DO like it!" with a smile, meaning she'd heard I liked big girls, but had never been with an FA herself and was enjoying the experience. Since I had never been with a big girl, either, we were both pretty new to it all.

She was 5'1, a former high school gymnast who had gained about 120 pounds in college and the few years after. She said it was because she had starved when she was a gymnast and her metabolism slowed. That and a desk job.

Heaven. Hooked.
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