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I'm right there with you BCBecca. I, too, am looking for that ever elusive job/career that doesn't require hours and hours of standing on your feet. I've only worked for Walmart and cashiering at gas stations and I've yet to find the right pair of shoes to wear so that my feet aren't killing me at the end of every shift. I took a lot of ibuprofen for the pain.. it helped some but the pain was still there. I've applied for several secretarial/office positions but noone will give me a chance since I don't have that kind of experience I guess. But I really think its because I don't have a certain last name. I live in a small town/rural area so you know how that goes. Anyways I don't have any advice or recommendations just wanted to let you know that I understand.

Fallenangel.. I would take lots of bathroom breaks too! lol That little bit of time spent sitting helped sooo much.
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