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SSBHM can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesSSBHM can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesSSBHM can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Really?!

Ok, sort of shocked by the question. I suppose everyone could go to a toy store and pick out what doll they liked best, but isn't part of the fun just going to the toy store and not knowing what doll is just right? What if there is a new doll that you'd never heard of or seen before and well, when you get there, it's just simply the best!

I also believe that when I pick out a puppy I can't possibly know what it will really wind up being like when it grows up. I hope that it's always cuddly; it doesn't have problems in the house; it will love me; it won't bite the neighbor's kids; and, I'll try my best to lovingly help it learn right from wrong. However, you have to just hope that it turns out to be the best dog possible.

People, like puppies, change. Change hopefully is for the better or in ways you like, but no living being stays just the way it is forever and ever.

I will admit I like fat a lot. I like eating a lot. I like indulging, and all those things are erotic to me. So, ideally the "doll" that I find likes these things too.

Am I being too sensitive about this question? I hope I don't come off as a big prude. I just think someone, I guess me, should interject that it's a little strange to ask such a question, even just for fun.

Ok, I will admit I like gals that are big. Bigger might be better in my book. However, getting there can be half the fun too! Of course, I hope that the "doll" likes me too, my size, and thinks of me as sort of a puppy - I can be trained. I will likely always be a very plump puppy, and hopefully you're inclined to like that about me, but you can influence me to be plumper or leaner too, so I can be just right!
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