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Sadly, a lot of people are unable to conceptualize the people around them as having wants, needs or a life completely separate from the role that we see them in on a regular basis.

I have a few friends that are teachers and have said a few times that they feel like they're held to a much higher standard in the way they live their lives outside of the classroom - I've had one friend tell me that they had a parent complain because she wouldn't confirm if she went to church regularly or not. Another parent complained about a different friend because they went to go see an R rated movie at a local movie theatre. Ridiculous.

Being a teacher doesn't necessarily mean that their profession goes home with them - they can and should live their own lives. So long as they're professional with their job and don't bring their baggage to work, fine.

But, at the same time, putting images of yourselves online does open yourself to scrutiny - wanted or unwanted - and really kind of compromises your own personal privacy by your own choice. I feel that there is a bit of recognition of the outcome of one's own actions and accepting responsibility comes with that turf.
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