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I'm in Argentina, and also meeting a BBW here is very hard, not even a plump girl.

All girls I have meet were thin, except for the most beautiful SSBBW that I dated couple years back, but she was a USA student and returned there to never be seen again.

She was huge in our terms, very tall and about 300 pounds, she was taller that the bouncers at clubs we went. (I'm young so still go to dance @ clubs, bars, etc, I belong to a motorcycle club too).

The problem in Argentina is that most girls are thin, model-like thin. I guess is because our diet, I was once in a USA restaurant in Miami when I was young, and a single portion would have sated all our family of 3 people. All our food is usually grilled or boiled, not deep fried, and small portions. The meat is very good. Don't miss it.

We also have a couple of bars that are the gathering place for foreigns, like El Alamo (if you see the white harley parked outside, I'm there :P), I go a lot there to meet foreign girls (in the hope of finally meeting a BBW).

I'm myself very thin too, about 54 kg (120 pounds) for 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches), but I'm average here, I don't diet, but I do lot of exercise and walk like 5 km every day (I usually go to college walking or in my motorcycle).

The good thing is that I'm open with my preferences, all my friends know I prefer plump to huge girls and they respect that, and I have at least 2 friends that do prefer BBWs too, and for what I have seen in clubs, BBWs from USA and Europe do get a lot of attention from guys.

Anyways, so far we stay in the admiration phase, because we hardly get any BBW to date/talk/or at least admire... at most we get plump girls around 80 kg at most (like 160 pounds)... the only real BBW girl I meet in my life was from USA

BTW, foreigns are very well received here, don't be afraid to come, and if you come, drop me a PM message, I can guide you around Buenos Aires and the rest of the country, I have been everywere.
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