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Originally Posted by Amaranthine View Post
You said this better than I could have. After thinking on it for awhile, I think I'm the same way. Aside from a few fleeting crushes on women, I've only felt serious romantic connections with men. I feel like I probably could have a romantic relationship with a woman, but encountering someone who evokes that sentiment is far rarer.

I think it's pretty interesting that romantic preferences and sexual preferences can deviate from each other so significantly. It makes me question the spectrum of sex/gender-related sexuality vs. FA sexuality. In terms of automatic sexual arousal, it only happens with fat men or women for me. I can recognize thin women as attractive, but only feel any sort of sexual inclination in an already-sexual/physical situation. And I only feel any sort of sexual inclination towards thin men in a demisexual way - I have to be utterly [romantcially] smitten with them. Which I don't think I can maintain, given that most physical contact with thin men is displeasurable to me. Genitalia's never really mattered to me - it depends a lot more on how someone chooses to portray themselves.

Given that it hasn't been touched on in this thread (though it may have been in other threads,) it'd be cool to hear about other people's experience with the romantic/sexual split.
mediaboy & amaranthine: i have very similar thoughts on the subject! i am a bisexual woman and i tend to have purely sexual relationships with men, while women evoke both sexual and romantic feelings for me. there are also many times when i've been attracted to a trans guy but this, again, has been purely sexual. i can't explain why i have these feelings, i just do.

also, i find a woman's body much more arousing and beautiful than i do a man's body. hence, i prefer gentleman's clubs to the chippendale's variety. there's something about a penis swinging in my face that grosses me out lol
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